5 important steps when you do not arrange her personal life

Today's talk with those who are not married and not in a relationship, but is committed to this.So that means - do not arrange her personal life?

If your experience of life there is the following:

- attracting the wrong men (mercantile, insecure, tyrants Mamochkin sons, Alfonso et al., Which stick to you like a limpet to the body);

- constantly repeats the same scenario with the men: you throw, or you first stop the relationship, fearing that it would soon make the first man;

- relationships are short: after 2-3 meetings a man disappears from your life;

- agree on a first date, carefully prepared, and he did not call;

- attracting men much younger than himself and tormented by the feeling that if not today then tomorrow you will exchange it for a young woman;

- adapts to the men to step over themselves doing something that you really do not want suffering humiliation, insults to yourself;

- re-read dozens of books and have been trained on how to get married, but did not work;

- see in every man a potential husband;cling to the first comer, who showed interest in you, but he is not your type;

- you are dependent on relationships with men (think the best will be gone, so let a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush);

- nervous, when relatives and friends ask you the same question about his personal life (something like: "Why are you so beautiful and economical and not married?" Or "and that such a nice man there ?, or iseven "ashamed at your age be without a husband!").

If at least one point you recognize yourself, then you've come to the address.

you experience repeated failures and failures in his personal life, starting from scratch and repeat over and over againthe same scenario of relations. Building worthless relations still ends in nothing, for one simple reason - you do not like those men who are building relationships. Furthermore, you probably do not understand why you need a family and what you want from the relationship. you scared to be alone.

Here are some simple effective recommendations that will help you discover the secret of your failures and make the first step towards the creation of new relationships:

1. Stay in the race for a family.

Stop awkward relationship, stop doing everything that you are actively doing so, and that did not lead you to the result.

If the plan "A" does not work, you have another 32 letters to try ... Otherwise, you face the situation "squirrel in a wheel" - running in circles.So try to stop, you will not regret.Make it much more difficult than it sounds, because as hard to break away from the obsessive thoughts.

2. Ask yourself, why do you need a family?

What is the purpose of creating a family to you?Just Get a notebook / diary and write down everything that comes to mind about this.Mechanical writing out without discussion.Right under paragraphs 1, 2, etc.If thoughts come, do not worry.Concentrate on this issue and live their normal lives, and thought you will come.Your task is to capture them on paper in a timely manner.Do not rely on your memory - you really forget.

3. Once discharged all that was on the issue and re-read to determine where you come to these thoughts.

Which of them belong to you, and what you heard from relatives, media, friends, etc.Note beside each thought the source of her appearance.This list is a very valuable material with which you are working.

Note: By doing this job, do not strain, relax, everything will come by itself without effort.Importantly do not rush things.

4. Scroll through the list of one item (belief), that causes in you a strong emotional and physical reaction

example, feel anger, envy, something inside is compressed when you see the wedding, the happy couple, etc..Describe the item in detail (what thoughts, images, emotions, physical sensations occur when you read the phrase).In what situations have you seen the negative?Do you like to live with this belief?

5. Practice.Create a new belief and implement it in life.

Imagine that you are empowered to create your life.You can cross out anything that you do not like it, delete, and bring new, desired, all that will please you.

Create a new belief that you will bring positive emotions, deeply Feel it.Train live your new belief as if it has long been an integral part of your.

And now the most important thing you need to replace the old belief to a new right in the process of life. That is, when a situation arises again negative, in which you will begin to operate the old response, you need to change your reaction to this event by applying the new belief.

At first it will be difficult to do.But if you do every day at least one step, the next week will advance to the 7 steps forward.It works flawlessly for those who are willing to change their lives.

most important thing that you need - faith in yourself and success no matter what.

And about loneliness ...

In fact, you can live at home and feel lonely, you can go to a huge crowd and feel lonely.

It should be noted that not all people who show outward happiness feel it inside.Loneliness person can experience, regardless of the external environment.Some people tend to loneliness (solitude), they are comfortable to be with yourself.So that loneliness - is a myth.

change it for privacy!

Being conscious in privacy, you can hear your inner voice, which will give you a hint on how to proceed on the path to the goal.You agree that the crowd you just can not hear it.

And if you "get it" questions about his personal life, remember - that no one has any right to intrude in your personal life no matter what it is.Do not hesitate to fight back.Talk to people in the language which they understand you (with Hammami - rude, with tactful - politely).

Articles Source: b17.ru