Advertising activity - it is a science

Advertising activity - a kind of impersonal forms of communication.It is carried out by means of media.Advertising is intended to implement various tasks enterprises (usually in the profit increase).Paid promotion of special funds formed so as to cause the product or service the maximum interest of potential customers.

Promotional activities in Russia include, in addition to direct advertising in the media, etc., distribution of souvenirs, publications, exhibitions and other events that raise the prestige of the manufacturer or product.All kinds of activities for the promotion of goods intended to stimulate trade.

Organization of promotional activities, as any process that has its own functions:

  • study of demand for the product, define its niche in the market;
  • drawing up the list of goods that need advertising;
  • establishment plan of the campaign;
  • together with an advertising agency study of the budget, determining the cost of all kinds of alleged actions;
  • contract with advertisers, providing sample products, the necessary information, data;
  • technical advice, study and editing of layouts, harmonization;
  • paying bills advertising agency.

If the company does not connect to the advertising agency, it should work out their own campaign, adhering to the same plan.Only in this case advertising activities can exert enough influence on the formation of consumer demand and behavior of the consumer audience.

for profit growth is necessary to build a promotion so that it covers as many potential buyers.This can not be achieved without a demand study and analysis of the target audience.Umbrellas will not be a success in Antarctica.

Given this, it is necessary that promotional activity was based on a scientific basis.

following types of activities:

  • Directly advertising.It can be placed in the print media, the internet, radio, etc.
  • Sales promotion.The effort that aims to revitalize a manufacturer of consumer demand.It can be competitions among buyers or sellers, discounts, gift shares, prizes, draws.
  • Create public reputation.The efforts of producers and sellers in this area should be aimed at creating in the mind of the buyer, the client or potential business partner of stable positive image of the company (services, goods), which for them can be a counselor and helper.Radio and the press is not enough, need other, creative, creating an image of the form: exhibitions, festivals and so on. In the broadest sense, public relations activities should cover public opinion and behavior, industrial and financial relations, relationships with buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and evenGovernment (at least at the regional level).This period is relevant not just advertising and promotion.Excellent work publications placed not paid, and editorial position responses in the press (Internet, television, etc.), trade fairs, creating / maintaining the style of the company and, above all, the sponsorship.The credibility of the enterprise is based on the dissemination of information on the company's leading position in the production or sale of goods, especially exclusive.The buyer has to believe that the production of such products require complex multi-level study, highly qualified professionals engaged in the design and implementation of the latest, highly sophisticated technology.
  • Development trademark.

This organization will create advertising image of the company, which in turn will lead to higher profits.Must engage in promotion specialists who have received special education.