Leafing through dream interpretation.

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If you believe the dream book, any character that appears in our dreams, has a certain interpretation.Most often, the value depends on associative array, with whom we have associated a particular object or image.Since we are interested in a particular symbol - the wolf, let's see what the interpretation of dreams, connected with it, give the popular dream books.

Wolf - one of the most striking images symbolizing animal strength, power, intelligence and cunning.He is a close relative of the dog, but is its direct opposite.Often the animal is associated with the struggle for survival, a battle for life and death for personal interests.

Undoubtedly, any strong and bloodthirsty animal is a human subconscious fear.If the wolves dream surround you close, it may reflect your fears get in a hopeless situation.

be in a dream in the wolf pack - for trouble.When wolves chase you, but you manage to escape - you will soon turn against the lenders and you threaten lawsuits for the debts.

Wolf - an animal savage, but brave and intelligent.So dream yourself in the shoes of the beast - a good sign.It means that you have taken action sufficiently decisive, but balanced and thought out.Keep up the good work, and you are guaranteed success.

If you dream you pet wolf pats him on the nape as a home dog - beware of a loved one who has got tricked into your environment, and builds the diabolical plans.

Wolves dream is not visible, and you only hear them howl?Expect bad news, losses from trade.Just howling could mean trouble for other people's gossip.

Dreams idiomatic treats howling in his sleep as a promise of a series of troubles in reality.However, the modern dream interpretation considers that the sign promises you a victory in the fight against competitors.

good omen - in a dream to kill wolves on the hunt.This dream promises you a quick victory over the enemies, the collapse of their evil designs.

According to modern dream book, wolves in a dream, secretly satisfy hunger or thirst from a trough with feed for livestock, warned that among your staff has "misdirected groom" spying in favor of competitors.
Just a wolf in a dream means that in reality some of your employees show carelessness that is extremely harmful to the common cause.

According to Freud, dream about the wolf symbolizes the animal sexuality and aggression (for men), as well as facilities associated with situations of sexual violence (for women).

Dreams ancient Slavs claims that white wolf for girls is a good sign - will soon zasvatana.Emergency wedding can wait as if a wolf in a dream anything from the yard itself or carry off the maiden with him would lead.Gray wolf attack in his sleep - not good groom get.

beast black suit in a dream not good - to be in the house illness or even death.

Wolves dream tore the livestock - in real life, you do not have the strength to resist evil.You will have to come to terms with the circumstances.

Watch in a dream to see how the wolf pursues prey - you do not rely on anyone, it is necessary to solve all the problems.

wounded wolf, for which you had to look in his sleep, in real life means reconciliation with the former enemy.You understand for themselves that this man is not really as bad as you thought.

As you can see, for most compilers dream books wolves in a dream symbolize evil.Most often this is the image of the enemy - the greedy, dangerous, treacherous and cruel.However, some analysts believe that the wolf symbolizes the loneliness, and the dream of an individual says that he would not hurt to make friends.

favorable interpretation of the image of the wolf and gives an esoteric dream book.According to the interpretation given to it, the wolves in a dream promise you support the forces of nature and protection from danger.