Thieves ruined love of social networks

robbery that 26-year-old thief made in Minnesota, it was so stupid and unprofessional, that the victim of a crime is very easily able to identify would-be criminal.And the thing expropriator addiction to the social network Facebook.

19 June 2014 26-year-old Nicholas Vig Minnesota climbed into someone's house, gathered in a bag found values, but instead immediately afterwards to hide, did not rush to leave.

Nipper included desktop computer robbed them of human computer and went to her page on the social network Facebook.Having spent some time there, he finally remembered that he was in someone else's house and hurried to get out of there.Here are just forgot while to get out of social networks.

Returning home, the property owner James Wood discovered the theft of cash, credit cards and watches.Realizing that he poorudoval thief Wood immediately called the police and reported the robbery.He also informed the law enforcement officers that instead of stolen thief somehow left in the house of his jeans, belt and tennis shoes Nike.

And only later, James noticed that the computer is turned on and the screen displays a stranger Page of Facebook.

analyzing this nonsense, Wood decided that it was the owner of this page and went to his home to visit extortionate.

He posted on the social network information on a robbery committed by Nicholas Vig, your phone number, and asked anyone who has information about this man, to contact him.

But he did not expect that the relationship will itself thief.

James suggested that he left the house to return the items.Vig has agreed to come and pick them up.When Wood saw that the thief is approaching his house, he called 911.

Police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested the would-be criminal.And he did not even bother to visit a voodoo heed to the hands of the stolen watch.

In an interview to journalists named James Vig most stupid criminals in the world.

turned out that Vig quite rich criminal record, including theft, assault, and crimes related to drugs.He was "shining" 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 20,000.

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