Limits of budgetary obligations - is ... Accounting limits of budgetary obligations

Cash taxpayers coming to the state budget, further distributed to target the needs of the population and for the benefit of society as a whole.How is the process of budgetary allocation, we look at the article below.

Classification of budget commitments

limits of budgetary obligations - a certain amount of funds allocated to government agencies to cover the social benefits and costs of landscaping in the allotted period of time.In other words, those funds that the state is obliged to implement for the benefit of society.

limits of budgetary obligations - a component of the total treasury allocations.A recent classified as follows:

  • cover the social needs of the population;
  • procurement of goods and services of municipal character;
  • investment budgetary non-state legal entities;
  • transfers of budgetary nature;
  • assistance to representatives of international law in the form of charity;
  • debt repayment of municipal character;
  • enforcement of judgments in which the government of the Russian Federation acts as a defendant with respect for moral and physical damage.

mechanism of distribution of budgetary commitments

limits of budgetary obligations - is the subject of state property, so the question of their distribution fits the Treasury complex and with a high degree of responsibility.

to start painting is carried out needs a higher authority - the Ministry of Finance, after the data brought to the knowledge of the Treasury.Over the next three days last notification makes the newsletter administrative bodies on the ground.A similar scheme operates and receipt of funds from the Treasury Ministry of Finance.

In the event that at the beginning of the new fiscal year on the painting for any reason has not been drawn up, the supreme body brings to the knowledge of the district centers of information on the above-described mechanism.In this case, the data provided by the Ministry of Finance should be a reference period, which will be implemented postponement or reduction of limits of budgetary obligations, then the withdrawal of the declaration made allocations.

Lock budgetary allocations

Sometimes on stage, the distribution of transfers is blocked by the federal treasury.Since the limits of budgetary obligations - a measure of multi-level, and then reduce them to the right as the Ministry of Finance and the downstream executive authority.

Lock appropriations available in the event that the authorized representatives of the Treasury doubt the feasibility of the allocated funds.Also limits of budgetary obligations may be reduced if the current period, a sharp decline in government revenues from taxpayers.This decision can be taken by any member of the executive - as the Minister of Finance and a representative of the administrative district in the field.

also limits annual budget commitments are blocked as planned on December 31 in connection with the end of the reporting period.

treasury functions

Since the federal treasury - is the main manager of budgetary funds, on its functionality, we discuss in more detail.Thus, the powers of this body include:

  1. Bringing to administrative regulatory authorities information about potential costs of painting and their limits.
  2. Accounting limits of budgetary obligations cash execution
  3. Opening of bank accounts required for the execution of the painting.
  4. Maintain general administrative registry.
  5. Code of statistics on fiscal expenditures.
  6. Provide all necessary information requested by the Ministry of Finance regarding the expense of government obligations for the period.
  7. Making predictions about the limits of future periods.
  8. Continuous monitoring of the federal budget to local administrative bodies.
  9. Logging inmates government agreements, involving funds from the treasury.
  10. protection of national secrets.

In general, we see that the federal treasury is the key bodies involved in the performance of public financial obligations to the population.

role of the Treasury of the Russian Federation

main managers of budgetary funds in the face of the State Administration of the Federal Treasury was established in 1992 by presidential decree.

organization has for more than two decades of operating in accordance with a number of principles:

  • cash unity (in practice means that any income and expenses pass through officially registered bank accounts);
  • jurisdiction - every organ of the administration receives as much money from the Treasury, as stipulated limit;
  • targeting, and this means that each amount budgeted is clearly reasonable intended use;
  • performance - Treasury operations subject to continuous financial controlling;
  • transparency - all budgetary commitments stand out and are carried out in an open manner and made public.

report on the budgetary commitments

annually by the end of the annual period, each recipient of public expenditures prepare a report on the use of budgetary funds.

Then for half months Audit Chamber sums up the past year and gives the conclusion: whether exceeding the limits of budgetary obligations or not.

conclusion of the authorized body contains a functional classification of expenditures characteristic of each of the target allocation, analysis of the state budget loans and credits provided by the state investments and liabilities related to Treasury guarantees.

As a result of the finding the government Duma consider it and decide whether any of its acceptance or rejection and subsequent amendments.