How to survive the heat in the city?

slushy autumn, cold winter and rainy spring the citizens dream of summer.In the imagination it appears in all the splendor of heavenly climate.Somehow forgotten what happens exhausting heat, which seems to be no escape.Remember enjoyable leisure on the banks of reservoirs, hiking in the woods and other summer pleasures.

But here it is, hot and humid, it's time to rejoice.However, people are not pleasing.In place of the care that they do not freeze, passes another problem - how to survive the heat.And so from year to year.

heat and humidity

Holidays in most lasts only one month.Then again, work, and get to it if possible in the morning, enjoying the coolness, you have to go home in the hot day shuttles, buses, trams and trolleybuses.The owners own machines sometimes forced to stand in long traffic jams, but it's still fun.

Heat znoyu strife.On the well-being, in addition to the air temperature significantly affects its humidity.The tropical climate, typical of many southern countries, and therefore always considered harmful factor for the colonial officials that the load on vital organs from Europeans unaccustomed to it sometimes becomes unbearable.From a physics standpoint, all true, the heat transfer increases, and in cold weather as well.Those who have experienced winter sea breeze, you know how it permeates.But the question now is how to survive the heat in conditions of high humidity.

difficult to live without air conditioning

Air Conditioning - glorious invention.This appliance is installed almost everywhere today, and not only in workplaces or homes, but also in vehicles.The trouble is that people are so accustomed to comfortable conditions, so pampering that any failure of the miracle of technology becomes for many a disaster.Somehow forgotten that our ancestors (and not only ours, but the inhabitants of it hot, too) do without artificial air coolers, and nothing, have lived and worked.Yes, and we are healthier.How did they do it?Obviously, the techniques were, and effective.

Proper conditioning regimen

question of how to survive the heat in the office, now seems unnecessary.Including air conditioning, and enjoy the freshness.But the problem is, despite the seeming comfort of workers often suffer.The reason is simple, the body - the system inert, too gentle climate sets it to a certain mode, and in case of an abrupt change occurs imbalance.In other words, a man accustomed to the autumn and spring weather, and suddenly finds himself in a hot summer, and then again in the cold.This happens in that case, if the temperature is too low.Set up the air conditioner so that the room she was three or four degrees lower than outside the windows.This also applies to the interior of the vehicle.

What to wear?

British say there is bad weather.But improper clothes ... There, in Albion, have in mind foggy, wet and cool weather.But the British proverb applies to quite the opposite climate.

Yes, if a hot day on the person shirt or trousers of synthetic dark shade, it will not envy.Give preference in the summer months are best natural fabrics bright colors.Their many avoid because soiled.You do not need to think about.

Those Brits know it is easier to survive the heat from the time of colonial wars.They came up with khaki, initially a mixture of savanna landscape colors (yellow, olive, brown).Hence the name - "hacks" translated from Afrikaans means "mud."The color of this fairly light.

There are other options - from white to "artistic Fade" indigo denim.In general, linen, cotton, viscose, natural (it is made from algae or other sources of cellulose) and no hair, and especially polymeric materials.

And the British colonizers were pith helmets, reliably protects desperate pioneers head from the blows of the sun.This should be with them, to take an example.Maybe cork and expensive, nothing will come down, and the cap or a hat.

Water, water, water everywhere

The first thing to remember is that the heat causes dehydration.Consequently, the need to drink.But is there a direct correlation between the state of health and the amount of fluid intake?Experience shows that it is not.Another person drinks a lot, but it is better this does not become.Increases sweating, kidney overwhelmed, the body swells and thirst tormented anyway.Hence, the need to be able to drink.

in Russia in the summer is very hot, but the heat is rarely lasts more than a month.These climatic conditions seem a paradise compared to the tropical weather with absolute humidity and temperature close to 40 degrees.And all these delights in Southeast Asia, for example, have the clock, no cooler at night.In Shanghai or Hong Kong resident temperate climate feels like a bath.There is no doubt that the Chinese living in such megacities, know how to survive the heat in the city is also accompanied znoyu fumes caused by heavy traffic.It's hard to imagine how to manage bank clerks and managers to keep fresh neat appearance, after working all day.However, these workers are the financial world through the streets in their black suits and ties in white shirt, and it seems that they transcend the heat.From time to time one of them pulls out a bottle of water from the case and makes a small sip.That's the whole secret.Drink indigenous inhabitants of the tropics as much as you need, no less, but no more.

doing cardio

misused conditioner healthy person becomes a constant colds whiner.However, this appliance has a serious advantage when it comes to people sick.That's who needs gentle treatment, and this is no joke.Of all the tips on how to survive the heat of the core concerns of minimizing the most valuable finding of cardiac patients on the street in a particularly hot days.If the house has air conditioning, then let it work slowly.In any case, plenty of rest and as little as possible to go out.The same advice applies to high blood pressure and all other unhealthy people in whose state affects the high atmospheric temperature.

Those who "engine knocks" in any weather you need to carry a medicine prescribed by a doctor, or, in extreme cases, the drug "Validol."The heat affects overall health is well known as.Surviving the heat and the internal cores will help to calm the mood.They should not worry because this gets cooler.

interesting position

known that at the time when a woman is expecting a baby, her body does not weaken.On the contrary, its protective functions are included at full capacity.However, this should not be abused.Tips on how to survive the heat in pregnancy do not differ from those given to ordinary people, with the difference that some caution should still be followed.It is not necessary to visit the beach in "the thick", ie, in two-three-hour neighborhood noon.Quite superfluous piece toilet becomes a hat, and the more it protects from the scorching rays of the sun, the better.In cases of problematic pregnancy should act according to the doctor's recommendations, and in particularly hot days, it is best to sit at home.The street is located in the shade, especially if blowing a fresh breeze.It is not necessary to irritate women who are in the family way, their own ideas on how to survive the heat pregnant.They are irritable.

the road

Aircraft equipped with climate settings.Modern rolling stock of the railway is also thoughtfully equipped with air conditioning.However, in every case the way, and the complex technical system can fail.To learn how to survive the heat in a train, in Soviet times people had their own ideas, unfortunately, not always right.Beer does not apply to soft drinks and vodka and cognac and say nothing.Opt the best mineral water or green tea.He, incidentally, can be cold and hot, and well, if it floats a slice of lemon or lime, but the sugar should be abandoned.

strong winds from the open windows to get involved is not necessary, people do not ever get cold so much as a hot summer.And another tip on how to survive the heat in a way.At the first opportunity to sleep.And the time will pass quickly, and the "pure health" typed passenger, especially if he was waiting for the arrival of important things and troubles.

General advice about children

Take care of your own safety each person must first of all himself.A case where an abnormally hot day a woman shopping, consider themselves very healthy, took home canning.Total tragic - at the price of a few bottles of pickled tomatoes became human life.Cause of death - heat stroke, and the sudden heart failure.

Ultimately, every adult who decides how to survive the heat.But children ... For them to think adults.Unfortunately, they are not always careful enough.There are even cases where children forget the sun in hot cars, and when the recall was too late.

consultation with your doctor about how to survive the heat in pregnancy, every expectant mother takes care of her child.When he finally comes to light, it has to be for a long time, until the older, to protect against the threats of the world, and the heat - not the worst of them.But is it should not be forgotten.