Fish Grayling: description and habitat

One of the most beautiful fish in the Northern Hemisphere - a grayling.It is spread in almost all the freshwater in the north of Russia, Europe and America.Grayling fish refers to the order of salmon, but has many unique features that distinguish it from other red fish.Grayling is very popular with anglers and very tasty.

Appearance grayling

This small fish is quite beautiful and has a noticeable appearance.Its elongated body is covered with tight-fitting silvery scales with bluish or greenish tint.On it is a scattering of dark spots.Grayling narrow head and his eyes are large and protruding.Small mouth pointing down, allowing him to easily collect larvae from the bottom of the pond.While this predatory fish teeth is not at all its forms, from the European species are only in their infancy.A characteristic feature, which has grayling fish - it is a beautiful high dorsal fin.It is very bright - violet-purple with red spots on the membrane and a bright rim around the edge.It is sometimes called the "banner".Behind him is a small adipose fin typical for all salmonids.

The grayling is powered

Red fish - a predator.But grayling is quite illegible in the food.He gathers all the insects, shellfish larvae.He loves to regale caddis flies, mayflies and stoneflies, but does not shrink as insects, accidentally fallen into the water lice, gadfly or grasshoppers.Individuals larger prey on small fish, fry or even small animals such as voles.Grayling becomes desirable prey eggs of other fish.So what diet he has a pretty diverse.With this catch this fish is easy and fun.

grayling fish is found where?

This freshwater predator loves cold water.Therefore, it is most common in the northern waters of Eurasia and America.He loves fish grayling fast rocky river with a winding riverbed and a lot of rapids and pits.He is very picky about the cleanliness of the water and its oxygen saturation, but can adapt to life in lakes and warmer climate - it is found even in Mongolia.But the most common grayling in the rivers of Siberia, the Urals, in Lake Baikal and in Karelia.The area of ​​residence is so great that scientists have identified a number of its varieties: Arctic grayling, European, and other Baikal.

Grayling - a family of fish

  1. Siberian in larger size and dark color.Furthermore, it has larger and more developed teeth.Distributed it not only in the rivers of Siberia, but also in the waters of the Far East and North America.He was used to a colder climate, so the meat had more fat.This type also includes such species as the Baikal grayling, which are black and white.
  2. European grayling smaller in size, and his teeth are in their infancy.He lives in the rivers of Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany and other countries, where there is a cold river with a swift current.

families Differ fish grayling and the way in which inhabit ponds.There are lake, river, and lake and river views.All varieties may vary in size, color shades and a way of life.But everyone is bound to have a bright and large dorsal fin.

Lifestyle grayling

It is very agile and lively fish.The high speed of movement allows it to successfully hunt for flying insects and small fish.But usually grayling - a homebody.He can stand all day in the same place where the swift current - so it is easier to look out for prey.He can jump high out of the water and grab flying insects.Happy fish grayling chooses deeper place, hiding in the grass and stones.Hibernates it in deep holes, and in April rises above the river or out in the small tributaries.The higher the current, the larger individuals because smaller ones can not get that far.Grayling spawn in shallow water, in places with clean sandy or rocky bottom.After the spawn, grayling goes home.And no longer travel long distances to the next spawning.Large specimens of grayling like to stay alone, and the fine young hunts in small flocks.

How to catch grayling

This fish is very popular with fishermen, for two reasons:

  1. uvlektelno catch it because the living and active nature.Catch grayling is not very easy, but for the bait will fit any bait, spinners, and insects.We need to know the places where this predator prefers to live, such as in bays and creeks grass did not meet.But areas with fast flowing he loves.Grayling belongs to sport fishing and lends itself only experienced fishermen.
  2. grayling have very soft and tasty meat, which is appreciated by all lovers of fish.It has a very pleasant smell of fresh cucumber and soft elastic consistency.Grayling can add salt, cooking and frying.Very tasty obtained from it by ear.The meat of this fish is considered a dietary, cooked very quickly and its preparation requires little koichestva spices.

In recent years, grayling is permitted only under license.Industrial fishing is also limited because the population of fish has declined.Already much less possible to meet specimens weighing 2-3 kilograms.Although previously met and semikilogrammovye fish.

very favorite places to spread Grayling (fish).Photo of this beautiful predator with a bright and long dorsal fin can be seen in any encyclopedias and books on fishing.Its delicious meat tender love even those who are repelled by the smell of fish.