Short-term fiscal policy

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economic activity of any enterprise involves several components.One of its components is fiscal policy.It is expressed in a range of actions, which holds the owner, employees of the administration (in accordance with the ownership and management views).These activities constitute the tools of financial policy.It is carried out for the research and application of funds for basic tasks and implementation of the main objectives.

set of activities includes production concepts, science-based, and aimed at creating activities, establishing the key areas of the application of funds.Current financial requirements have an impact on the duration of these activities.Equally important is the study of the demand for services and products, evaluation of different (physical, intellectual, labor, information) resources of the organization, forecasting performance.So now it may be medium-, long- and short-term fiscal policy.

Destinations use funds set taking into account the goals, developed the concept, the position of the organization in the market.Short-term fiscal policy contributes to the highest and best use and increase financial capacity.It reflects the purposeful use of the means by which to solve tactical and strategic objectives defined by the charter (constituent documents) of the organization.

Short-term fiscal policy allows strengthen its position in the market (products) to achieve optimal sales, margins and returns, liquidity and solvency to maintain balance.

under extreme conditions of high inflation, instability of the economic environment, non-payment crisis, many organizations are forced to take measures to survive.Short-term fiscal policy contributes to the solution of current problems, but at the same time creates some contradictions between the fiscal interests of the government and organizations.Contradictions between the observed and the profitability of production and the cost of external borrowing, stock market returns and equity, and so on.

It should be noted the diversity of the content of the financial policy.It consists of several basic units.Among them we should highlight:

1. Development of suitable management concept cash flow organization, which will provide protection against commercial risk and high returns.

2. Defining the main directions for the use of financial resources in the coming period.This takes into account the possibility of production and trading activities, as well as macroeconomic conditions (the discount rate, taxation, depreciation rules and other payments).

3. Implementation of measures aimed at achieving the set goals.These include, in particular, the financial control and analysis, assessment of actual projects for investments and financial assets, the choice of the method of funding and other organizations.

The combination of these three basic components of the content of activities related to the formation and use of monetary resources.The development of an effective system of financial regulation is associated with the occurrence of problems associated with the harmonization of the interests of the organization, the presence of an optimal amount of financial resources, as well as maintaining solvency at a high level.