Budget expenditures

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budget expenditures - is allocated from the budget funds.Exclusion of these are the ones that are a source of financing the budget deficit.Such costs are the basis of a complex system of relationships that cover not only public authorities, but also members of civil society.The distribution of public funds for certain items of expenditure is enshrined in special laws.Budget planning, the discussion and the process of execution and cost control are the elements of the overall budget process.

Quantification of costs is such indicators as the rate of growth, their total volume, dynamic growth in relation to the gross domestic product, the structure of these expenditures, as well as the amount of income of the state, which depends in turn on the level of tax, non-tax budget revenues,tax collection and other factors.To study the structure of such expenditure used classification of budget expenditures.

Various countries regularly take different types of programs to reduce the cost to the budget savings and strengthen their effectiveness.But overall state budget expenditures tend to advance the gross domestic product.Factors affecting the dynamics of spending are:

  • economic development;
  • human development (demographic and social indicators);
  • NTP;
  • political and institutional factors, and;
  • external circumstances (different emergencies like wars or natural disasters).

Budget expenditures are classified by certain characteristics.

to participate in the social production of public spending is divided into two parts: the first is directed at the development level of material production and the improvement of its branch structure, the other part is used for the maintenance and further development of the production sphere.The development budget is created for state support of investors who invest in the development of high-performance finance investment projects, either directly allocated to them under the terms of the urgency of the appropriations, payment and repayment or providing them with state guarantees.

Public purpose budget expenditures are divided into the following main groups of supplies: defense spending;industrial production;science;measures of socio-cultural sphere;the reserve fund;the content of the law enforcement agencies and state bodies of power and administration;the cost of servicing the public debt;foreign economic costs;other payments and expenses.In addition, the costs are allocated to finance priority national programs.

All of these groups are divided into budget expenditures, in turn, on departmental and target attributes.According to the first classification, each group of expenditure allocated appropriate, either the ministry or another institution such as the state or receiving budgetary allocations entity.This classification reflects the most mobile sign changes in the expenditure structure.On the basis of the target allocated costs that are being delivered to specific costs.Classification of expenses by purpose creates preconditions rational use of budget funds and is the basis for the implementation of effective control over the spending of budget funds.

territorially budget expenditures are divided according to the levels of government.