The largest companies of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg - is the subject of the Russian Federation, which is one of the leaders in terms of total and per capita gross regional product.In 2012, it amounted to 2.29 trillion and 459 thousand. Rubles, respectively, making the city one of the most important economic centers of the country.The main share in value terms accounts for the manufacturing industry, trade, real estate, transport and communications, as well as construction services.Large companies of St. Petersburg to work in these industries.And it is connected with their city's future development.

region's economy

St. Petersburg has a strong industrial potential and high human capital.Over the last decade the city only strengthened its position as a cultural, scientific, educational, industrial, transport, tourism, and administrative center of the country.The largest companies of St. Petersburg - is the foundation of the Russian economy, whose work contributes not only to increase the financial base of individual entrepreneurs, but also improve the standard of living and the state of public utilities.The priorities and objectives for the future development of the city identified in the strategy of economic and social development, which covers the period until 2030.It examines two scenarios: basic and moderately optimistic.The first involves growth up to 3% per year, the second - 4%.

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Current indicators

According to the State Statistics Committee, the GRP of St. Petersburg in 2012 amounted to 2 291 992 900 000 rubles.This is 9.56% higher than in the past.In terms of the total GRP of the region was on the fifth place among the other subjects of the federation.Its share in the gross domestic product of almost 5%.GDP per capita - 459 261.2 thousand. Rubles, which is 1.3 times more than the average for Russia.As of 2012, the major production companies of St. Petersburg provide 23.2% of the gross regional product.The five most profitable sectors of the economy also include: trade (19.7%), transport and communication (about 11.3%) and construction sector (5.4%).Only slightly behind health and social services, which gave 5.2% of GRP.


Almost a quarter of the GRP of St. Petersburg is provided by manufacturing companies.First and foremost among them the need to identify such plants:

  • «Leningrad Metal".
  • «Electrosila".
  • «Baltic Shipyard".
  • «Severnaya Verf".
  • «Pella."
  • «Vagonmash."
  • «Petersburg Tram-Mechanical" and others.

Large construction companies of St. Petersburg

According to the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation, in 2012, it was built on 4.7% more housing than last.Real Estate Development (activities related to the reconstruction of buildings or change land to increase their commercial value) gradually becomes profitable again thanks to the improvement of the economic situation in the country.If we look at all the big companies of St. Petersburg, the list is quite impressive.Among them:

  • «Glavstroy St. Petersburg."
  • «Pioneer».
  • Group "UNISTO Petrostal."
  • YIT.
  • «Impulse".
  • IPS.
  • «Lenstroytrest."
  • «LEADER-groups."
  • Group of companies "M-Industry".
  • «Megalith" and others.

main developers who are involved in large-scale municipal projects in 2015 are: SETL CITY, SRV Development, LSR Group, «Adamant" and FORT GROUP.Consider how these big companies of St. Petersburg more.


The company implements the business center SeltCentr.SETL CITY operates in the market of St. Petersburg and the entire northwestern region since 1994.It is part of a large industrial holding company, which includes not only Russian, but also foreign companies.Its main field of activity - a development of commercial real estate in St. Petersburg and the region, as well as Kaliningrad.In addition to the business center, the company planned to build a cultural and sports center, St. Michael's garden, Nevsky Islands and GrinLandii.

SRV Development

Forces the company built the shopping center "Ohta Mall" in St. Petersburg and "Promenade" in Moscow.SRV is among the five biggest companies in Finland and operates since 1987.The main advantage of the order of services that the developer for the customer is the presence of a complex building with a focus on the needs of the client.During the existence of the account at the SRV fully developed shopping centers, hotels, office premises and buildings, industrial facilities, underground car parks, tunnels and subway station, as well as railways.

LSR Group

The company sells in St. Petersburg, the construction of an apartment building with an underground garage, a block-modular boiler house and transformer substations called "EvropaSiti", and in Moscow - a residential complex "Donskoy Olympus".Companies that are part of LSR Group, engaged in the production of various construction materials.The total number of employees exceeds 15 thousand people.The main regions of activity of the company is a St. Petersburg, Moscow and Yekaterinburg.The main directions - development of commercial real estate, construction materials production.

Construction Group "Adamant»

The structure of the holding company includes more than 50 different units.Among them are shopping and entertainment complexes, and design and installation companies.In 2015 a group of "Adamant" is planned construction of TRC "Scandinavia" and Zanevsky Cascade in St. Petersburg.


Like other large companies of St. Petersburg, which is engaged in development, that is engaged in the acquisition of old and overlooked objects.Next, the reconstruction, which greatly increases their cost.It was founded in 2011 by absorbing the "macrocosm."In the implementation of FORT GROUP, as of 2015, there are two shopping centers, "Europolis" and "Port of Nakhodka."

largest transport companies of St. Petersburg

development of industry and economy as a whole is not possible without an effective infrastructure.St. Petersburg - is the industrial center of Russia, so he has established links with other regions.Transport companies provide cargo transportation both in town and in the CIS countries.Feedback from customers is the best:

  • «GEOTEK."
  • «ROSTEK-Vyborg".
  • LLC "Avangard".
  • «Unontrans Logistics."
  • «Baltic Airlines".
  • «Av-trance".
  • «Continent".
  • LLC "Magistral".
  • «Garant-Trans".
  • «AMD-Transport" and others.

intercity transportation of passengers carried by public utilities.The city has a subway, buses, trams, trolley buses, trains, plans to launch Aeroexpress from Pulkovo.

St. Petersburg is often referred to as a sort of city-attraction.And this status he has received well-deserved.Museums and history lovers will find their paradise.But St. Petersburg - is not only a cultural, scientific and educational center of the Russian Federation.Here the focus is also a huge production capacity.Large companies of St. Petersburg - is the foundation of the economy.Among them, many industrial giants, as well as the leaders of the construction sector and the transport sector.Their work - is the basis of a positive scenario for not only one city, but also for the entire country.