Mike crochet: the scheme description.

summer jersey knit crochet pretty quickly.If you do not have much experience - it does not matter.Unlike knitting, when a uniform density of the web and all the same size loops are crucial Crochet allows you to hide minor flaws inexperienced seamstress.And any thing crocheted thin thread, always looks elegant.

problems inexperienced knitters

all problem beginning knitters that they knit loops of different sizes.Figure connected at the start, is markedly different from the figure last series.Monotonous openwork of different-sized loops does not look very aesthetically pleasing.When crocheting this trouble is easy to disguise, if one thing to combine different techniques - circular floral motifs, delicate polygons, elements of Bruges and Irish lace, and linear patterns.

To openwork crochet shirt from the first well-received among knitters, first holding the hook, follow these recommendations.

first recommendation

not handle just behind the big thing, like dresses.You can not tie it fast enough, and the risk to defer work until "better times."And they can pull away very far.Enthusiasm will be gone and you will no longer even try.But crochet - it is an excellent exercise, calming nerves and develop creativity.

With shawls and start is not necessary, because it is usually large fit the same pattern.Consequently, the different-sized rows or motives are immediately evident.

skirt, crocheted - it is very beautiful, but it is not to wear every blouse, besides manufacturing the lining - not the easiest thing, and the size of the skirt is usually quite large.

second recommendation

first thing knit of acrylic, polyester or other synthetic threads.The recommendation is due to the fact that the original yarn gives shrinkage after washing.If you correctly calculate the number of loops in accordance with its size, then after the first wash will be surprised how much has your T-shirt and a short and narrow it became.

third recommendation

Before you begin, think of what will be wearing new clothes.If no special ideas, then guided by jeans.Each shirt hook (diagram describing patterns attached), one of those that you see on this page, is the best suited for the occasion.

And more.Often, linking beautiful jersey, I want to continue.Mike can associate a lot of different supplements that can be worn in the kit.This and all kinds of sweaters, scarves and shawls and skirts.

reason that a novice should start with knitting jerseys, and not any other thing

The best thing for a beginner - a tank top hook.The circuit description is provided below.Jersey knits fast thread does not require a lot, lining for this thing is not required.One of the main advantages - during knitting shirts you, they say, nabёte hand, that is, you adjust to the tension and density of loops of knitting.Tying a small T-shirt, you will become a professional in all things crochet.

Firstly - you will learn how to easily disassemble patterns crochet description, but no pictures of the proposed designs.

Secondly - you learn to flat, gently, smoothly and seamlessly interconnect motives.

Third - you will learn to knit a variety of poles, patterns and will understand with different techniques.

model, made in the technique of Irish crochet

In this article you can see photos depicting the openwork crochet vest.Driving with a description of the individual elements is clear and easy to perform.However, it requires great accuracy and precision when connecting the individual elements.For this reason, this model can be recommended only experienced enough craftswomen.

for Mike to associate fourteen flowers and the same number of branches, and then combine them into a single fabric.

for flower tie a chain of ten air loops and connect to the ring by a connecting column.Tie the ring twenty-five columns without nakida, then around the center of the tie eight petals.

For sprigs dial a chain of air loops a length of about ten centimeters, each loop knit one post with no nakida.In the process of tying branches to make the petals, and knit them in accordance with the scheme described in the article.

All motives before you fasten the shirt should be ironed iron to give them a flat shape.

Bando - a good foundation for a model of the different types of lace

can quickly associate the circle kind of gang consisting of one air loops and bars without nakida.To do this, fit a chain of air loops equal to the circumference of the chest and a multiple of five plus three loops.It forms a ring via a connecting column.Next - five air loop, a column without nakida the fifth loop again five air loop, a column without nakida the fifth loop and so on. D. Until the end of the first circumferential row.The latest chain connected to the third loop of the first arch.Then five knit loops and one column without nakida the third loop arches, loops and over five tons. D. Bind up until the gangs will not be the desired height from the waist up to his armpits.In the area of ​​the breast at the front should make a few arches of six loops, then again five knit loops.This achieves the desired volume in the right places.At the bottom of the waist to the hips is also an increase in the loop in the arches.

executed in this manner, you will have a hook adjacent silhouette shirt for women with well-defined shape of the chest and waist accented.However, for very obese women, this option does not fit.Mike crochet for girls can be connected without an increase.It will in any case sufficiently elastic.On the basis of this mesh it is very convenient to sew motifs Irish lace.Get a Bunch need to put on a dummy, put motives and sew.The top of the T-shirts you need to tie a row of columns with pico.In addition, you want to associate with the columns nakida two straps and fasten in front and on the back.Bottom can snap beautiful border.

model of two large motifs related to the center

Very nice shirts made of two large motifs - one in front and one behind.This summer shirt crochet associated with white thread, shown in the photograph.The upper part of the motive remains a relief, and the bottom dovyazyvaetsya shirts around the perimeter of two or three rows of the main pattern.

second model of two large motifs has wide straps.Due to this, it is longer and ends below the waist.Wearing her T-shirt with contrast bottom, you get an additional interesting effect.Just do not wear a T-shirt with a very sparse pattern underwear skin color - is no longer fashionable, so look vulgar.Just as black bra under a white shirt.What is good on the photos or on the podium, not always in everyday life looks as complementarily.

model that hides the fullness and make a figure slimmer

Mike crochet for women who want to hide the little extra padding should be free silhouette.The information presented in this article, mint color model is the best to fulfill this task.Our tank top is connected pattern, reminiscent of vertical stripes.It visually increases growth and makes slimmer.Tie the two identical rectangular panel, connect them to the sides and shoulders.You get a very stylish shirt crochet.Driving with a description of several patterns that are suitable for it in front of you.This model can be knit in the transverse direction and in longitudinal direction.In this case it is connected across.The symmetry in the arrangement of the bands do not necessarily comply.They can perform a variety of patterns.The main thing is that they create vertical lines.

feature selection model for the child

Mike crochet for girls preschool age should be linked from cotton thread.Especially beautiful it is from "Iris."These threads have a very beautiful luster, do not sit down and do not fade.You can safely take colorful skeins and knit one.If Irish is a difficult technique, try to make a dress out of square motifs.Tops and shirts hook made in this technique is also very good.The same round or polygonal motifs, series connected with each other, create very interesting patterns.What should be the children's T-shirt crochet?Diagram describing adult models is fine and the child.Children's thing is to be more than a tiny, free, vibrant and less tenuous than the model for Mom.