How to use the web cam

Of course, a device such as the web - camera, most people used to see the interlocutor while communicating via the computer.And if once the device was very expensive and could allow it to himself every, today this is no problem at all, especially owners of today's notebooks, in which the camera is initially built.

So on our agenda the question of how to work with a web-camera.Those who believe that it is enough just to buy it in the nearest computer store, not quite right.You still need a computer (notebook, laptop) connecting to the Internet (by the way, pretty quickly, so you do not have problems with the quality of the transmission and reception of the image).

To begin, we note that the web - cameras are non-embedded and embedded.The latter, as a rule, are mounted in a netbook or laptop, and the first must be purchased separately and then connected with a special installation.If your web - camera is built, then the question of how to use the web - cam on a laptop, you have problems occur, most likely, will not.The software of your portable computing device is already provided for the program in order to use the web - camera.For a desktop computer, you must purchase the appropriate web - camera, which then need to be set.

How to use the web - camera: mount device

To start, you need to install the web - camera in the most convenient place for you (on the computer desk or on the monitor).Use the special adhesive layer, which is available on the stand device.

Now connect the webcam when using the supplied patch cable to a free USB port of your computer device.

How to use the webcam: devaysa installation on Linux

Then your actions will depend on what you have is a computer operating system.If it is Linux, you must first run the program from the built-in xawtv.If your computer has a TV tuner is present, then select the input source in the program web - camera.Then you should know that in Linux OSes work with a device such as the web - camera, organized a little worse than the Tuner.However, if you find that a newly purchased camera is not working, do not hurry to get upset and run to the store to return the goods.Give devaysu a second chance, updating distribution.It is possible that the camera still work.Note that some web - cameras that are compatible with the program xawtv, work well with another program called camorama.

How to use the web - camera: devaysa installation on Windows

In consideration of the operating system has no built-in devices to work with web - cameras.Therefore, you first need to install on your computer software that is included on the disk and comes in the web - camera.If there was trouble with the disk or device on your computer simply does not provide the drive, you need a program you can download on the Internet.It is important to remember that the search software for some models of web - cameras can be so difficult that work with the device will only be possible in a system Linux.

How to use the web - camera: practicing

Now that we have made Web - camera work, it's time to begin the practical training.Learn how to create with the help of her photos and videos, and save them.

To start chatting on the web - camera, set to howl computer program Skype.Today, you can also make video calls in many popular social networks.

Notice, the condition of the LED web - camera.Generally, it is lit only when the camera is shooting.On the individual features of their web - camera can learn to carefully read the instructions supplied with the devaysu.If the LED lights up the camera when the camera is not in use, and this can, according to the rules, should not, do not be amiss to check your computer for viruses.In any case it is better to close it to turn on the camera or lens to the wall when not in use.