Cheops Pyramid: Interesting facts.

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The list of wonders of the world includes a very interesting structure, which try to see everyone who comes to Egypt.Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most mysterious.Around her, hovering a lot of mystery and myths.

Many archaeological finds belong to this ancient land is located on the Sinai Peninsula, but the most amazing is the Valley of Giza.And, of course, the pyramid of Cheops, interesting facts about which they know not all.

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pharaohs believed that the Egyptian pyramids were created dozens of centuries ago.Some scientists say their age - some three millennia.This authentic evidence that, when and how they were built, there is still no.

These structures, including the Great Pyramid of Giza (interesting facts related to that, excite more than one generation), had a very unusual destiny.The architecture of these grand buildings of "filling" assumed a variety of targets.

example, tombs of many pharaohs are not inside the pyramids themselves as mistaken, many believe, and nearby in the Valley of the Kings.In addition, according to one version, these magnificent buildings helped the Egyptians to build their development of "the principle of leverage."However, this version is controversial.Because in such a way to build even one of them could be as little as half a century, while the pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu was built in about two decades.And it's not the only mystery hovering around them.Today in Egypt, there are about a hundred tombs found, but the search continues, and the number of new discoveries is growing.

most famous wonder of the world

Pyramid of Cheops was built about 4,500 years ago.Today in Egypt, established and officially celebrated the start date of its construction.This August 23, 2470 BC.

However, there are other suggestions.For example, the Arab historian Ibrahim Shah Vassuf sure that all structures in the Valley of Giza were built by the ancient ruler named Saurida.Another chronicler - Zeid Baja - writes about the existence of some rock inscriptions, which states that the Great Pyramid was built about seventy three thousand years ago.

There is a hypothesis that in those places where they built the pyramids, the Egyptians came into contact with some extraterrestrial civilizations.Inside each of them there are numerous tunnels and unique mazes scattered the length and breadth of their structures.

Some lead into the empty space, and all the rest - a dead end.Initially it was thought that all this is done aimlessly casually, but gradually the researchers found that if you draw a plan made inside the pyramid of Cheops ways and bays, it will be precisely focused on the sky map.

This is another amazing fact: one of the channels is positioned vertically along the centerline of the tomb.According to scientists, this is the direct flow of energy through which the ancient Egyptians managed to communicate with aliens from other planets.In support of this hypothesis, and that the construction of these wonderful monuments in Egypt was carried out in order to subsequently use them as power plants, says the fact that they are built with perfect mathematical precision.


pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops is near the city of Giza.Today this area is a suburb of Cairo.Initially the height of the building was a little more than one hundred forty-six meters.But over time, seven meters and eighty centimeters of this majestic structure has been erased by the winds and rains.

perimeter of nine hundred twenty-two meters and footprint comparable to ten football fields.Scientists were able to calculate the total weight of the pyramid of Cheops: five million tonnes.

It consists of more than two million of huge stone blocks of granite, limestone and basalt.Each of them weighs about two tons.A total of two hundred and ten in the Pyramid series.

entrance is on the north side.His form arranged in the form of an arch stone slabs.

Today, inside you can not get through the entrance, which is embedded granite stopper and through the breach.He made a 820-year Caliph Jafar al-Mamun, who longed to find there the treasures of Pharaoh, but found only a thick layer of dust.

About creator

This tomb of the pharaoh also known as Khufu.It is the largest among peers.Its architect is considered Hemiun - Vizier and nephew of Cheops.He was even given the title of "Managing all the buildings of the pharaoh."It seems no accident for more than three millennia, the highest on the planet Earth is the creation of his hands - the pyramid of Cheops.Interesting facts, legends and the many secrets of her tour guides tell tourists coming to Egypt.

In construction at the same time involved about a hundred thousand people.The first ten years to build only road that later transported to the place of huge stone blocks.It is hard to imagine that the hands of slaves, without the technology was built the pyramid of Cheops.

Interesting facts

Scientists say that this wonder of the world - not that other, as a kind of calendar.After almost proved that the pyramid of Cheops, a photo which brings with him every tourist who visited Egypt, serves as both a compass and theodolite, and having such precision that it is possible to reconcile the most modern equipment.

Another interesting fact shows that not only in options, but in some structures of the most famous tombs of the ancient pharaohs laid numerous mathematical quantities and ratios, including a number of "pi".Moreover, royal camera parameters are combined in the "holy" triangles whose sides have a clear proportion - 3: 4: 5.

believed that the corners with slopes of the pyramid can reflect the most current understanding of many trigonometric values.And it outlines a practical accuracy are made by the "golden section".

Astonishing Hypothesis hypothesis

Proskuryakova Russian researcher who just believe that all the pyramids in Egypt were built by aliens from the star Sirius, has recently been improved.Another our compatriot, Babanine agree with my colleague, but it complements version: in an era of Cheops were restored.There is also a theory that the pyramids built by the Atlanteans.