White socks like to wash?

White has always been associated c purity and gallantry.However, many people choose to give up things with this shade because of the need of special care.Most often suffer from white socks.How to wash this article of clothing?Quite often, after a classical treatment of the washing machine on the product are spots and trodden tracks.This article will tell you how to wash white socks at home.You will learn the basic secrets and will be able to experiment on their own.

White Socks: how to wash?

to your article of clothing again became like new, it is necessary to work hard.However, it is only at first glance it seems that manipulation is very complex.There are a few secrets that will help you to properly handle the thing will end up with snow-white product.

most often suffers sole socks.Man walking in the shoes, stepping on a dirty floor and can simply sweating.All this causes the yellow, gray and even black spots on the product and results in nerespektabelny kind of white socks.How to wash them?Follow these rules and you will not have any more problems.

Wash often

If you have white socks, how to wash them efficiently?Spend treatment as often as possible.Ideally, the product after each wash socks.Do not put off socks for a few days.During this time, dirt and stains will be more persistent and stubborn.

If you go during the day in white socks, then you need to wash them at night.Already in the morning the product will be clean and ready to wear again.

Choose the right detergent

Cleaner linen should be suitable.It plays an important role in the treatment process.So, now you can choose a laundry detergent for white clothes from different manufacturers.The most famous of them are "Tide", "Persia," "Ariel" and so on.

When you buy detergent must be considered a method of processing.If you clean the product manually, look for a note in the pack.If you need to buy an automatic washing agent with a similar picture or inscription.

Before washing spend additional processing

How to wash white socks at home?If the product is heavily polluted for a long time or is not cleared before the processing is necessary to carry out preparatory manipulation.To do this, now you can buy or use the appropriate means-tested grandmother's recipes.

  1. laundry soap.Rub the bar trodden part of the fabric.Some alkaline formulations made especially for white linen.This condition must be left socks for several hours.You can then proceed directly to the wash.
  2. Dissolve in a basin of water a few tablespoons of boric acid or alcohol.Place in a container dirty socks and leave them in this condition overnight.In the morning wash in the usual way.
  3. Boil heavily soiled socks in a pan with the addition of citric acid.This treatment is carried out not more than 15 minutes.After that it is necessary to clean the fabric of the usual method.
  4. purchased at a hardware store stain remover.At the present time it is not necessary to use chlorine-containing substances.You may well buy something Bole gentle for delicate fabrics.

During washing

If you are using a suitable powder, then the automatic washing device can add dishwashing detergent.It is preferable to choose compositions for dishwashers.This powder is filled directly into the drum.You can also use and liquid formulations.However, in this case, be prepared to get a lot of foam.Remember that this process should not be carried out regularly.Such compositions mercilessly spoil white cloth products and attenuate the threads.

During the wash mode "automatic" you can add the powder with enzymes.In this case, use an ordinary tool for cleaning it is not necessary.The most well-known brands such means - "Ariel" and "Tide".Such powders have a liquid consistency and packaged in samorastvoryayuschuyusya capsule.

during washing to enhance the whitening effect, you can use ordinary crumbly mustard.This recipe is still used by our grandmothers in the old days.Pour a few tablespoons of seasoning in the drum and turn the appropriate wash cycle.Remember that this manipulation should not be repeated frequently.Otherwise you can not avoid emergency breakdown of the washing machine.

Many housewives use the following secret to enhance the effect of washing.Place in the drum a few tennis balls.They will create additional impact and help better to wash clothes.Process

white things, including socks, apart from color and black products.Otherwise, after the unexpected color you will be very difficult to deal with stains.

How to wash white socks in your hand?

If you for some reason can not produce washing in the "Machine", then deal with spots and trodden tracks will help you the following secrets:

  • Fill the basin with water a few tablespoons of vinegar.Leave socks in the solution for several hours.Then make a normal washing hands.
  • Deal with dirty places on the article of clothing with hydrogen peroxide.Let soak socks like this a couple of hours and start washing.
  • Rinse the product after cleaning the soda solution.To do this, take two tablespoons of granular substances and mix them with 200 milliliters of water.This composition does not require rinsing.


You now know as much as possible to wash white socks at home.If you have no time and effort to this process, trust the professionals.Rent out your dirty laundry products.They quickly and effectively remove stains from your wardrobe items.Good luck to you and the white of the results!