If the cerumen in the ear, what to do?

Many patients otolaryngologist are identical complaints about the rumor suddenly dropped, although so far nothing really bothered.It turns out that such changes cause the cerumen in the ear.What to do?Is the rumor does not return?Just about this and will be discussed in the article.

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Those people who marked predisposition to the formation of cerumen usually suffer from excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, resulting in a large amount of earwax, which accumulates in the ear canal.Sometimes this is due to the neglect of the rules of hygiene or wrong cleaning ears.Inflammation also causes accumulation of sulfur.The anatomical structure (winding and narrow ear canal) can help to ensure that periodically appear cerumen in the ear.What to do?How to get rid of them, and why reduced hearing?

Whatever the size and consistency had no plug, it will not affect the hearing, is between it and the ear canal, there is the slightest crack.But sooner or later there is a sharp decrease in hearing, because the tube swelled and blocked the passage.In this case, an urgent need to go to the appointment with the specialist.After examination and diagnosis of ear plugs are removed by washing, which is painless.

How to remove sulfuric cork?

to the procedure can begin immediately after the medical examination.It is not necessary to be afraid, because it absolutely does not hurt the ear, and therefore does not cause pain.Rinsing the ears of cerumen children spend even infancy.Despite the simplicity of the procedure, do not risk doing it yourself, as there are restrictions.For example, except when the cork is present otitis media, which led to the perforation of the eardrum.In this situation, the doctor solves the problem of "dry" method, removing the cork special tools or dissolving it through medication.

How are washing?

When no contraindications, and nothing prevents the removal of water plugs, the procedure takes no more than ten minutes.So, if you have a cerumen in the ear, what to do?Of course not to neglect a situation, and seek professional help.For washing of the ear doctor uses a large syringe without a needle, and water (or saline) at room temperature.The patient bends his head over the cruets of turning to the ear, in the meantime a nurse or doctor injects the liquid into the ear canal.Under the pressure of water emitted cerumen impaction.Depending on the consistency required of sulfur from one to three sessions washing.If after several procedures remain the cerumen in the ear, what to do?In such situations help hydrogen peroxide solution.It is necessary for a few days to bury him in the ears, to the mass of sulfuric softened.Typically, after removal of the problems with congestion arises.Immediately returned to the patient hearing, leaving a feeling of stuffiness and discomfort.