Customs carrier will help to avoid unnecessary problems and delays

Any person who is involved in international trade and foreign economic activity have to face the necessity of customs clearance of imported goods.If you've ever seen at least half an eye instruments, which are not only necessary to fill, but to do it properly and in full accordance with the law, you know that this moment is one of the most difficult in the entire foreign trade.

buy goods abroad is not so difficult.Bring it yourself - it is also quite simple.The problem comes next.After all, the right to "customs clearance" items, it must be drawn up all documents, paid all duties and taxes, and the uninitiated to do it right is not easy.That is to facilitate foreign trade and was created by a stakeholder, as a customs carrier.If you want to without delay and unnecessary problems to import goods - will be useful services such enterprise.Customs carrier - a legal entity that provides services for the transport of goods under the simplified scheme, that is, without the payment of customs payments and maintenance.

The competent authorities of the clearance required from the importer to provide security for the payment of fees and charges.If the enterprise does not have such an opportunity, come to the aid of the customs carrier, which not only will carry the load, but also eliminates the need to independently engage in formalities.

customs carrier can only be resident enterprise that is for Russia - Russian legal entity, Ukraine - respectively, Ukrainian.Such an entity should be recorded in the register of customs carriers, as well as the obligation to obtain a license.In addition, for entry in the register must provide not only all the statutory and accounting documents, but also have the software - to the size of its Russian carriers is 20 million rubles.Ensuring the payment paid for the entire period of the company, which is why compliance with customs legislation for the customer and the carrier is guaranteed by them are not required to make payments on their own.

Choice of implementing the consignor or freight forwarder.Customs carrier and the shipper enter into a public contract, the carrier must ensure not only the safety of cargo and all documents and compliance with the law, the conditions of transport, as well as confidentiality.The activities of such companies is carefully controlled, and the license may be revoked in case of violation of rules of the customs declaration.

If the clearance of goods carried out correctly if the carrier fails to perform any of their duties, a certificate of entry in the register is canceled.Therefore, such formalities as the definition of the code of goods, determination of the amount of payments and fees, checking shipping documents for compliance with the legislation is best left to professionals - customs carrier helps to save not only time but also money.