Meaning birthmark on different parts of the body

Soviet period in the culture of our country has been notable for the fact that people have sought to bring rational, eliminating the fortunetellers, healers, and take people's wisdom.Therefore, citizens are not really thought about the compatibility of horoscopes, and few people cared value birthmark on one or another part of the body.Of course, if the spot is not too large and conspicuous.

And in Eastern traditions marks on the skin has always attached special importance.For example, karmic astrology, dating back to Indian scientists, the human body is divided into a dozen zones corresponding signs of the zodiac.And the meaning of birthmark depends on what part of the body it is and which side.Men (and women-handers) is considered to be positive right side, and for women (men left-handed) - left.

Birthmark, the value of which you want to learn, can be located on the head (face or ears).If you - the lady and "marked" this way to the left, then most likely, you have everything goes well with the temperament and self-esteem, because"Sign" has got into a zone of Aries.Moles on the left chest means that a woman can be a good mother, homemaker, asso she stressed zone of Cancer (the family home).

If a man on the right side of the neck have birthmarks, the value of more than positively.This is evidence that the representative of the stronger sex is prone to acquisition of property, success, a good bio-energy resources.The markings on the abdomen consistent sign of Virgo (work, comfort, health), on the arms and shoulders - Gemini (relationships, travel) on the back (thoracic spine) - Leo (fame, work, children, friendship).

value birthmark located on reproductive organs or sacrum can be said about the possibilities of politics, and of the receipt of the inheritance (the zone of Scorpio).But the "mark" on the buttocks and knees (Capricorn) prompt on the propensity to discipline and the potential for career advancement and social mobility.

People with dark spots on the rump with the "good side" can be very fortunate in marriage or friendship (the territory of Libra).Marks on the hips will talk about the likelihood of long journeys, the options in the field of education, or the presence of high patrons (Sagittarius).For inspiration, the ability to work in a group "meet" the mole in the area of ​​Aquarius (from ankle to calf), and a spot on the foot will report increased sensitivity, as well as the talents and potential trials.

value birthmark is particularly discussed in detail in the Chinese physiognomy.It examines literally every centimeter of the body.And pigmentation in the middle of the forehead has a fundamentally different value than the birthmark on his temple.For example, it is assumed that the "mark" on his cheek has a person who is a strong and brave character, which can lead people.To understand what this rule works, you just need to look at the pictures of famous people.

no stranger Observations birthmarks and Russian culture.For example, it was thought that people with a birthmark on his chin will "often from one place to go," and those who have the stomach to "sign" - will drink and gluttonize.True or not, believe it or not - you decide.In any case, if the location of moles unfavorable, it is better to not get hung up that fact.Although, if only because a mole, for example, on the cheek is a sign of noble birth.The most famous owner of such a mark - Marilyn Monroe - was from an ordinary family.