Sample postal address correctly written .How to write the e-mail address in Russian or English?

Today, few who write routine letters, choosing as an alternative to e-mail.It seems to be faster, more convenient, easier and often cheaper.However, there are people who still prefer to communicate with each other in the old way - by means of postal delivery.In this article I want to tell you how to write the address on the envelope is correct to the message arrived at its destination on time and without delay.

It is said that the example of the postal address (written in the booth at the post office) is an important source of information.It is not so simple, you can not fill out an envelope just as you want, it should be done according to the rules, which, incidentally, enshrined in the Rules of documented services postal service (decree №221 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 15.05.05).Here you can find the answer to the question of how to arrange the information you need, and what details should be indicated on the mail envelope.

What do I need?

How to write the address on the envelope?This is a question that worries many people.Even due to improperly issued a letter, it simply may not reach the destination and be lost.What you need to specify that the message came to him who waits?So important is the following (written in that order):

  1. Destination Name (for natural persons - name in full or in summary form for legal entities - full name of organization).
  2. street name, the serial number of houses and apartments (if house numbering There are letters or extra digits, they are also required to write. For example, House 5a or 10/12).
  3. Settlement (the name and designation: city, town, village).
  4. name area.
  5. is mandatory to name a territory, region, autonomous region, republic.
  6. For international shipments, it is important to specify the country of residence (as his and the recipient).
  7. Postcode.

All this is necessary information that is needed for the postal service to time and in the right place to deliver the letter.Otherwise, if there is an error or address is incorrect, it can be returned to the address of the sender, or just stay in the post.

basic rules

If you need to figure out how to write e-mail address, you must know that there are some simple rules that are important to observe:

  • envelope can be either mail, bordered, or just white;
  • write on the envelope should be legible handwriting calligraphy, better print to the postal service workers accurately determine the location of the recipient;
  • text on the envelope can be either hand-written or typed on a computer or typewriter;
  • envelope can be glued on printed labels, it is also permitted;
  • double house numbers are written with a fraction (eg, house number 15/2);
  • if the House has the letter, it is also necessary to specify (for example, house number 5a);
  • if a letter is sent to the borders of the Russian Federation, the address must be written in the national language (caveat: you can write the address and in the native languages ​​of the republics, but it must necessarily be duplicated and in Russian);
  • regard to international shipments, in which case the address is written in Latin letters and Arabic numerals (the name of the country of destination the letter can be duplicated and in Russian).

Someone somewhere

It should be said that many people are confused how to write e-mail address, ie. E. Where to properly place the sender's address, and where - the addressee.So, for that, there are also certain rules.Information about the destination (of the person who sent the letter) is written at the bottom right of the envelope, in the manner indicated above.For information about the sender listed in the upper left corner of the envelope.

Example 1. Normal

In order to better understand all the above, you need to give an example of the mailing address written on the envelope.If you need to send an ordinary letter, it will look as follows (destination information):

Ivan I. Ivanov

Sovetskaya Street, Building 5, apartment 44

village Marble Leninsky district

Vyshegorodskoy field

Index: 123456

Example 2 A /

I now want to give an example of e-mail addresses, if the letter is not sent to the home address and a PO box.So, it will be as follows:

Petrov Peter Petrovich

/ I 11

of Poteevka, 654321

Example 3. "Demand»

It should be said that the letter can be sent to a post officecity ​​marked with "on demand".In this case, they will be at the postal employee, is not for him personally will target.In this case, an example of the mailing address is as follows:

Sergeyev Sergei Sergeyevich


of Smirnovka, 112233

international departure from Russia: the rule would

important information about how to properly write addressesenvelopes, if you want to send a message abroad.So, first of all I want to remind that we should abide by all of the above rules.The order of writing is the same: first comes the name, then the street name, house number, apartment, then a city, district, region (state), and at the end of the country, and the index.Also worth mentioning, and that the names of streets, houses, the names are not translated into a foreign language.But generic concepts, words such as "house", "street", "village" or "town" require translation.However, there are certain nuances in the translation into a foreign language: the names of famous cities is still better to write the translation (example would be the city of Moscow. Write on the envelope better than Moscow, rather than Moskva).It is worth remembering that the email address is written in English for the recipient and sender (may be writing the first language of the country where a letter is sent, but there is always the name of the country should be duplicated in Russian).

example for ordinary letters

To better understand how to write a postal address in English, you need to give an example.So, how will look like the recipient's address?

Peter Brown (recipient's name)
7 Green Avenue, Apt.4 (street, house, apartment)
Ann Arbor 48104 (the city code)
USA, USA (destination)

Example business letters

also important is the correct spelling of the mailing address, if the letter you want to send is not the manand the legal entity, ie. e. the organization or individual operating unit.Below is an example of sending a letter to the accounting department of a bank in the UK:

The Accounts Department (department of organization: Accounting)
UDD Bank Ltd (full name: the bank)
22 Lombard Str.(street and house number, which created the structure)
London 3 WRS (city code)
UK, United Kingdom (country)

Letters from abroad in Russia

has its own nuances and if you want to send a letterfrom abroad to Russia.Thus, the address can be written both in Russian and in foreign languages.Variations are possible when the destination information is written in Russian, but the sender - the language of the country from which it came.


It may look the writing addresses in English and Russian languages, if the letter goes to Russia from abroad?Option One:

Ivanov II
ul.Belaya 14-10
Zeleniy raion
Gostevaya oblast

Option Two:

Ivanov II

street White, 14, kv.10

village district

Green area

Guest area

Russia, 111222

important would be the fact that you can easily write addresses both the first and the second method.


If you want to send an e-mail out of business abroad, need to remember that to be respectful to the person to whom the message is sent.So, for a female officials should be handled in the following manner:

  • Mrs - if a woman is married.
  • Miss - if an unmarried woman.
  • Ms - just a woman (if its status is unknown).

As for men, it is all very simple and uncomplicated.They need to add the prefix Mr.The important would that information without first and last name, these consoles themselves are not written.After that a dot notation.However, if you want to send a letter to the United Kingdom, in that case after the formal treatment and before the name of a point not raised.Interesting would be the fact that, according to the requirements of the royal postal service, city name should be written in capital letters.