What drugs and how to use it?

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basic needs after physical (eating and sleeping) is a human need to communicate.Through communication, people understand that the love that they need, they become harmonious and sovershenstvuyutsya.V advanced age of information technology a great base for dialogue has become a social network.The most popular Russian-speaking community became network "VKontakte".Here, users have the opportunity to meet and add new friends, to share and pass on important information to show each other video clips, photos and other images, save links on the status of the various groups.

Sleng online

In order to save time, many participants in the network communicate with a certain reduction or mutated words.This not only saves time and reduces the number of letters typed, but also outlines the boundaries of users who use the network that is slang feel her here.Beginners are difficult to understand that such drugs, comments, laykat and so on.Slang network facilitates communication, but a detrimental effect on the spoken language of participants, especially young people.

method of transmitting information, "VKontakte"

The most popular social network to communicate and share information, in different ways.If important safety information, its confidentiality is ensured easy.If you want your message read by many, it is also easily done.There are several methods of data exchange:

1. The inscription on the wall.Every registered user on the network has its own page.Here you can post photos, descriptions, attach pictures, draw, give gifts.Wall - a place shared (unless specifically configured stop), so everything is there, can view friends and occasional visitors.

2. Private messages.This service is not as public as the previous one.Here you can send text, add videos, pictures and links to online resources.

3. Comment.With inscriptions left by photos, videos or status can begin communication.When a person responds to a comment or Like (expressed by another user a good attitude to certain information), then it may place a pleasant and lasting dialogue.

These tools help to communicate a registered user to always be up to date, and he will feel it necessary and in demand.

What is PM?

Those who only recently registered on the network, you need to understand what the drugs in the "Contact".First of all it means for confidential communication.Message - a useful feature that allows you to bring your written request to the conversation.To be able to use this option must anyone who owns Page.We need to learn how to quickly type and send messages, and easily read them.In addition to this social network, you can send personal messages on various forums, blogs.Meaning of the word "drug" is not limited to the "Contact Us", it is something akin to an internal e-mail.

operations with personal messages

answer to the question about what drugs look like in the "Contact Us" to send a message.To do this, on the main page to find the "My Messages".It is located in the left column of the menu.Then click on the item "Send a message" - This button is in the upper right corner.Then in the new window type the text treatment.To send the recipient to fill the upper field - type the name or the user's mailbox.

Send a message not only can a single user, but by clicking "Add", which is written the name of the recipient, add all your friends.Then the same text will be sent to all participants of the network, whose names you entered.

ons are attached to messages as quickly.This can be audio files, videos, photos, various documents.For those users who do not know what the drugs directly into the window there is a hint - the button "Attach".By pressing it, you can select an option: - what you want to convey to the recipient.In addition, there are expressions of different emotions as smileys.

How to see the status of your messages?

sending a message, a person really wants to read it as soon as possible.But it so happens that there is no response for several days.Then, the user suffers guesses: read a person drugs, whether he wants to communicate, how do you know about that?For such situations have come up with an interesting thing - the background of the message.When it is not read, it fills a light blue, and if you read, then clear.Of course, there is another trick that helps the user to view the message, leaving him seemingly unchanged.This nuance is useful to those who know little, what drugs, what operations they can perform.By clicking on the "My Messages" and "Reply" at the new message and clicking on the history of correspondence, you can tactfully did not respond to treatment, which has already been read.