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Female name Eugene - derived from the Greek male Eugene, meaning "noble", "nobly".It is popular in many countries, but almost everywhere it sounds differently: Eugenie - in France, Eugene - in England, Eugen - Germany, Eugenia - Spain, Eugenia - Portugal, etc.For 2012 were about 10-15% of the girls with the name of Eugene.

Eugene.Value Name: Childhood

As a child, Jack - most restless inventor, she lives in a dream world, in which reigns its laws and regulations.Often it is more serious than its peers, for example, while they are reading a fairy tale, Jack is already interested in more serious books.The girls with the same name differ calm, measured mood, reverie, pliability opinions of others.They are attracted to needlework and everything connected with it.Playing alone is not upset little Zhenyu.

The school Eugene shows curiosity: she likes to ask questions to teachers, or simply chat with them.Classmates appreciate her support and a sense of justice.Giving parents a reason to experience - it was not her strong point.

Eugene.Value Name: adulthood

Genis have more severe.Scandals are most likely to occur because of their fault and initiative, can interfere to build normal relations with men.Besides, not every husband Eugene sustain desire to command his family.

also the hallmark of carriers of this name is punctuality, sometimes irritates others.

The family Yevgeny - the good mistress and beloved mother.Sometimes it is more strict with her household, but it compensates for this with their deep feelings.

bearer of this name at any age remain "alive" and passionate.

Eugene.Value Name: sex life

as a teenager in Eugene awakens sexuality, which distinguishes it among the other girls.It is quite amorous, which prevents her to live in peace, because often the feelings experienced by the man, bring it to the moral exhaustion.She rarely initiated the breakup.

sexual life not every man can meet Eugene and Eugene starts to analyze such situations, seeking out options for addressing those problems.Wants girls with the same name - a long prelude, role-playing games.

Eugene.Value Name: Health

Most often Eugenia - quite healthy people, but can cause problems with the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as the respiratory system.The main rule in the life of Eugene: save power, plenty of rest and eat right.

Eugene.Value Name: Career

Another distinguishing feature of Eugene - diligence.Perfect for her profession: Secretary, teacher, bartender, a biologist, a social worker, an artist, a housewife.

Compatibility name: Varlaam Averyan, Robert, Alfred, Yegor, Boris, Harry, Dmitri Makar, Gleb, Nicholas, a proud, Trofim.

value named Eugene could not a hundred percent different from the reality, because each person is different.