What should be a toy for the little razvivalka?

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often in shops of goods for children, you can see a young dad or mom, standing at the window with toys at a loss.They do not know that in this department except rattles, can be purchased for an infant.The toy in the hands of his kid should not only entertain, but also to develop.Children under one year are growing rapidly, they absorb information and new knowledge as gubochki.Therefore, some rattles at this age can not do.What should be the toy for the little razvivalka?The answer to this all-new parents can be found in our article.

Toys for children under one year: general characteristics

Razvivalki for the little ones should perform the function of teaching.By manipulating the toy, a child learns colors, recognize sounds, sees the shape of the object, feels its structure and size of the touch.These activities develop in an infant tactile sensation, thinking, memory, imagination, motor skills.Therefore, toys, falling into the hands of the crumbs must be made of a variety of high-quality materials (fabric, wood, plastic, rubber).Well, then we'll talk specifically about what can be razvivalka for very young children (from birth to one year).


It is this toy are almost always appears in the nursery.From the first days of life a baby can it be seen to listen to its sound.This toy helps develop a child's hearing, vision, concentration, motor skills of hands.His first grasping movements child is practicing on the rattle.The child should have a few of these toys of different colors, sizes, configurations and sound.


kid up to six months most of the day is in the supine position.So it is very good when over the crib or stroller hanging bright mobile.This structure has the shape karuselkah in which suspended fine figures.This razvivalka for the little ones are usually equipped with a mechanism through which toys are rotated, and this process is accompanied by the sound of pleasant melodies.Mobiles may be several varieties: suspension karuselkah, Garland.They differ in size and attachment method.But the function of all of them is the same - to entertain and develop the little man.He treats them with delight, listening to music, trying to reach the handles, and often falls asleep to the sound of tunes.

Developing rug

This item is a soft fabric, which is attached to the arc.They hung different toys.Baby lying on the mat, and a six-month age - sitting - examines, feels these things, trying to take them off.The outer layer of the mat is made of different colors and textures of materials, touching whom the child is also developing a tactile sensation.


Razvivalki for little of this kind are designed to pipsqueak they nibbled during teething.They should be made only from safe materials: rubber, wood, silicone, cloth.


This toy kids love.What is its meaning?Manipulating this razvivalkoy child exploring concepts such as color, size, shape.Stringing rings on the rod develops motor skills of hands, coordination, perseverance.

Toys for physical development

This category includes a variety of balls and balls.Games with them develop primarily sensorimotor, ability to navigate in space.Baby pushes the ball and watching eyes of the movement, and it requires attention.With six months old crumbs can be placed on the legs, and invites him to push the ball, catch up with him.Thus develops the skill and fixed distance.

This group includes toys and wheelchairs.It figures on wheels with a stick-holder.Manipulating this object, the baby learns to walk, to keep the balance, orientation in space.

Towards the year the child can buy a toy-prygunok.Usually it is a ball with horns, for which you need to hold a pen.Such razvivalki come back in the form of rubber figurines of animals: zebra, cow, dog.Playing with them, the children improve coordination, learn to balance, strengthen muscles of the legs and arms.

Now that you know what should be razvivalka toy for the little ones.We hope that these recommendations will help young parents make the right choices.