The secret to the popularity of haircuts hot scissors

Today mysterious "hot haircut" the girls are ready to offer almost every beauty salon.Demand for this extraordinary procedure, because it allows not only to achieve a stunning aesthetic effect, but also has a therapeutic effect on posechennye and loose ends.More often than not it interested visitors of long-haired, who are familiar with the section and brittle hair.

What are the advantages of hot keying locks?First, it can help lifeless strands can impart lightness and volume that will positively affect the process of hair.Second, if you use it regularly, hair growth will accelerate slightly.Third, hot scissors haircut is great for those girls who are often subjected to its dyeing and curling locks, so that their tips look withers.For more information on this procedure can be found on the link principal difference in comparison with the standard clipping is that it provides only for updating the hair, while the cut remains open.This eventually leads to the splitting of the scales and exposure of the structure of the hair, and then he becomes vulnerable to environmental factors that adversely affect its appearance.But "hot haircut" provides "sealing of" every hair in place the slice that protects it and makes it possible as much as possible not to lose healthy.

How goes the "sacrament" of the manipulation of the locks?Master during haircuts uses special scissors with a heated blade, the temperature of which is adjusted individually for each client according to his hair type and condition.The high temperatures needed curly and thick hair, whereas depleted strands optimal low levels.Pruning is done by twisting curls into plaits to remove split ends.To perform complex hairstyles Hairdressers often use hot razor.

Remember that the procedure will be effective only if fulfills a haircut professional hairdresser.After all, if the master does not have enough experience, wet your hair during the procedure and did not comply with the technology, such a haircut, not only will not make your curls beautiful, but also hurt them.