Tourist information: how to issue the passport without queuing

Recently the Russians have the opportunity to issue a document of international standard without maddening queues and headaches.To help wanting to travel the world of the Federal Migration Service has been developed electronic resource called "single portal of government and municipal services."How to make a passport through the public services?This issue we consider in this article.

How to make a passport through the state body: procedure

first thing you need to do in order to take the opportunity to design such a document via the Internet portal is to go online registration procedure.In addition to personal information, the applicant will need a number of pension certificate (green card under the name "SNILS").This number will be login to access to your personal account on the portal.After entering all necessary data registration is not complete, since even need to enter the unique activation code.It will be sent to the applicant by registered letter, and he can get it in 7-10 days at the nearest post office.If you can not wait for the code as long as it is necessary to issue a passport urgently, you can contact one of the offices of Rostelecom - so the password will come within 2-3 days.

sent when code is entered in the appropriate field on the site, activated personal cabinet of the future traveler.Now he will be able to use any of the available services, including such as the issue of a new passport of the sample (with biometric data, for 10 years) and old (5 years).

To do this, go to the appropriate section of the portal and fill out the online application form.Better save it directly to your own computer, it may be useful in the future.At the end of the questionnaire design system boot requests photographs of the applicant (any business picture with an aspect ratio of 3.5 x 4.5 and up to 300 KB - photoshop to help).

10-15 minutes after filling out an online application must arrive at the confirmation provided during registration electronic box that profile taken into consideration.It will take several days.After this time, you can expect a response from an employee of the FMS, who has studied the profile.It can either assign the applicant to a meeting at the passport office, or ask to modify the form, add the missing data (now the handy stored profile will not need to fill it again).The letter should list the documents that you need to take with you to the meeting.It will be scheduled for a specific time in about 15 days, so do not have to stand in line, which, of course, can not but rejoice!In deciding how to issue a passport, there was one small thing - to go and pick up the long-awaited document.

Timing of passport

Administrative Regulations of the FMS state body on registration of passports designated periods for different categories of applicants:

  • if the documents filed to his residence - less than a month;

  • if there is documented information that the applicant or his close relatives is necessary to emergency treatment outside the Russian Federation, - up to three days;

  • if a passport draws a person with access to especially sensitive information or confidential information relating to the category of "state secrets" - about three months;

  • if the documents are served not by place of residence - four months.

answers to these questions at the beginning of the article found, so wishing to travel outside the country has no choice as to issue a passport and go on an exciting journey.