Allergy to mandarins: symptoms and treatment.

Many of us are happy to acquire a fragrant citrus fruits, which are almost all year round can be found on the shelves of the supermarket.With special intensity in stores appear fruits rich in vitamin C, with the arrival of cold weather in the run-up to the Christmas holidays, when I want to not only please the kids at home, but also to be happy to sample delicious sweets.

Unfortunately, many are familiar allergic to tangerines, so I would like to understand the reasons for the mass of this unpleasant disease.

Foreign fruit

Scientists have already established the fact that we did not bring much good food, who grew up in uncharacteristic on Wednesday.That is the fruit that grow on the territory of a non-our place of residence, are not our most useful vitamins carriers.The majority of people in Russia to the optimal diet would consist of cereals, vegetables and fruits local agriculture.

This is understandable, because in order to digest exotic foods, our body lacks the necessary enzymes, so it is citrus often lead to the fact that a person is allergic.The immune system is unable to cope with the "overseas" fruits that we eat (grapefruit, mandarins, lemons, oranges, pomelos, and so on. D.).

Violation of the internal organs

absolutely everyone, even those who have never suffered from various kinds of allergies, may be faced with this nuisance.In some cases, the body can react in this manner only if you eat too much of a particular fruit.It may well be that an allergy to mandarins to a violation of the internal organs (pancreas or the entire gastrointestinal tract, kidney, or liver).A large number of eaten the fruit promotes the release of histamine in the human body, which leads to allergic reactions.We can assume that the body signals that you need to visit the doctor and diagnose all the organs in order to find out the true causes of such a response on the fruit.

insidious reaction to the mandarins can lead to allergies to a wide range of citrus, so you must control their consumption of sweet fruit and not exceed a daily dose of two or three pieces.

allergy mandarins - a frequent phenomenon.This is especially true for children, who often eat on the eve of New Year holidays a lot of dangerous products of foreign manufacture.

Additional reasons

Sometimes the cause of allergies may be not the fruit, and a variety of chemicals that are often processed products during transportation.The liquid, which in large numbers contained in Mandarin, does not allow a long time to maintain the beautiful appearance of these sweet fruits, and they very quickly begin to deteriorate.It is for this reason, it is often the products of this kind are sprayed with different compositions that saves the fruit from damage.In addition, it is no secret that manufacturers use chemicals that promote the growth and maturation of the fruit.Also, they are able to accumulate a variety of formulations of fertilizers, which they generously stuffed conscientious workers in agricultural plantations.Pesticides are used to control pests, and are able to penetrate into the product, and not just deal with insects and fungi, but also have a detrimental effect on the human body.

Many people mistakenly believe that if the fruit is peeled, it is not necessary to wash it, but this is not true!Even in a purified form mandarins should be washed, especially if we are talking about the use of their children.

How to recognize allergy

Those who are not familiar with the unexpected reaction of the organism to various kinds of foods, often asked about how looks allergic to mandarins.Quite simply, because this insidious disease is almost always behaves the same way, regardless of the reasons that caused it.In the first place on the skin in humans appears rash and redness, which is usually accompanied by itching, and in some cases there is an increase in body temperature.Most often it manifests itself allergic to mandarins in children.Other symptoms include runny nose appearance, redness and swelling of the nose, watery eyes, a small swelling in the ears and hearing loss, as well as shortness of breath, which is a sign that there is a swelling of the bronchial tubes.

allergy symptoms mandarins can be individual, in some cases, because it all depends on the characteristics of the human body.But the output is always the same - to seek help from a doctor.A specialist in the field of medicine will be able to more accurately determine the real causes of this kind of reaction, because it could be a very different kind of disease, completely unrelated to your assumptions.

Young children

allergy tangerines, symptoms of which first manifested as redness and rash, the child may be confused young parents with children diathesis.Generally, these sweet fruits do not give kids who are under the age of two, as you would have liked to please their child.Once you have decided to still give a child a tangerine is best to begin to allocate a couple cloves, just to try it, and then follow the reaction of his body.


Currently in medicine there are a number of ways to combat allergies.Many people have successfully used traditional recipes, which are as the need to brew concoctions Allergy herbs.The latter include birch buds, duckweed, nettle, wormwood, St. John's wort, marjoram.However, not always this problem can be overcome with the help of the so-called home of healing.

Modern medicine has a lot of experience in the application of immunotherapy to combat allergies.This can be called a kind of graft, through which the human body is administered the lowest dose of the allergen is gradually increased.It contributes to the development of antibodies that block the action of disease-causing agents.After carrying out an immunotherapy such a long time people did not know the trouble with an allergic reaction sovego body.

also often use hormonal ointment if you are allergic to mandarins (photo in the article is a good example) manifests itself only in the form of skin redness and rash.Preparations of this kind are a real salvation for those who experience itching on the skin when the tablets do not provide adequate relief.

flimsy allergy

Sometimes it happens that a person inspires himself that he is allergic to mandarins.The symptoms (rash, itching) that might arise from a one-time after his unsuccessful use of this fruit can never not bother him.The fact is that very often we ourselves can instill that we are allergic to a particular product, and subconsciously be prepared for the fact that once again our body will react violently.

If we eliminate from the diet dangerous foods for you and stick to hypoallergenic diet, it is possible that over time you will again be able to enjoy the taste of juicy fruit, but in reasonable quantities.

Necessary measures

If you notice signs of an allergic reaction to the mandarins should be excluded from the diet foods provoking, immediately take a pill from a number of antihistamines.Attention is drawn to the fact that the means by which you normally use, there was no mandarin fragrance and so on. This may include washing powders, washing, or washing dishes and even an air freshener.It should take all necessary measures to ensure that the environment was not provoking factors, then it is possible to avoid complications and additional difficulties in the treatment process.Remember that the sooner you seek help from a specialist not engaged samovrachevaniem, the better and more correct will be made about your treatment.

Danger allergy mandarins

Some of the difficulties which may result from allergy to mandarins, lies in the fact that this kind of disease entails a negative reaction to all citrus fruits, which are the main source of vitamin C.

In the future this may leadto the fact that in case of colds the recovery process will be delayed a few, because the auxiliaries, including ascorbic acid, will not be tolerated.

Now you are familiar with the basic features of how the mandarins are allergic to, and what measures must be taken with the appearance of the first symptoms.Be careful and take care of your health.