How to Remove Belly Per Week

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man, confident and satisfied with their appearance - absolutely happy person!But this is very rare, and so today we'll talk about how to remove belly fat in a week, it is this area many frustrating and time for the opening of the swimming season is less and less.Fat, available on the abdomen, causes periodically despondent like the ladies and men.The problem can be solved by taking a hard himself and set a goal to get rid of excess fat, rather than wasting energy on emotions and feelings about their imperfections.

Where to start?Let's start with the fact that the skin on his stomach to care as much for the face and hands, apply a nourishing day cream or body lotion on the abdomen soft, massage.Use this time to make an easy plucking massage - this will increase blood circulation and promote the burning of fat and smooth out the skin, eliminate cellulite and stretch marks make invisible.But all this is provided that you will be engaged in the belly regularly, not sporadically.You can do self-massage, and you can turn to a professional massage therapist.

How to remove belly fat in a week?While bathing, too, takes a massage - put into the hands of a special mitten and draw a circle around the navel, or the letter "n."Three minutes after that pinch the skin around the navel.After the bath, smear nutritious cream.

Remove the stomach for a week will wrap.It is best to use a mask with seaweed or mud from the Dead Sea.We need to put dirt on the thighs and abdomen and in several layers of tightly wrapped cling film.You can lie down for half an hour and enjoy this pleasant process of caring for your body.After mask wash away, be sure to put on a skin cream.

wondering how to remove belly fat in a week, remember that the approach to this difficult case to be complex, so your diet will also have to reconsider.Eliminate all the flour, fried, fatty and spicy.Drink one to two liters of water per day without gas.Green tea also helps to remove toxins from the body, giving a feeling of fullness.Before each meal drink a glass of water, and you will eat less.Juices and whey as well to cleanse the body, while nourishing it.Power must be balanced, it is not necessary to drain the body diets, just once a week to arrange fasting mono-day (Kefir, fish, vegetables, etc.).Eat foods rich in fiber, it is perfectly displays the body of all unnecessary, providing a feeling of fullness.

Since fat - is, in fact, the accumulation of harmful substances entering the body, the thinking about how to remove belly fat in a week, in the first place to bring all this dirt from the intestine.Enema to help clean a couple of extra centimeters of belly just a couple of steps.You can add a teaspoon of salt water and use it twice with an interval of one day, because applying it more often, it is easy to break the gut flora.Struggling for a nice tummy, you need to give up alcohol completely, because it contains a lot of calories.

Daily exercises for the press and twist hula-hoop to help you find a nice waist and not to think about how to clean up after a week stomach.Load abdominal muscles perfectly warms them, providing the burning of body fat.Perform the exercises you need a fast pace to quickly achieve the effect and to accelerate the process you can stomach the food wrapping film.

That's it, now you know how to remove belly fat, without resorting to costly massage or cosmetic and medical procedures.