The cost of production in the electricity industry

Today, one of the important for any economy is the problem of energy supply.More than half the countries in the world, supplied energy imports.This makes the economies of energy dependence.In addition, it explains the structure of production costs.Rising prices for energy resources require a significant investment for their acquisition and aggravate the economic situation in general.For countries that lack in the required amount of energy reserves, and the possibility of attracting their renewal is extremely limited, the most important vector of economic movement is energy efficiency.Energy efficiency, reduction of production costs of electric power, is becoming an important factor for economic growth.

add two strategic direction of its increase.The first - is to reduce production costs by improving the efficiency of resource consumption at thermal power plants and boiler plants for the production of elektroteploenergii.The second - is to increase energy efficiency across industry and agriculture.

to assess what production costs in the power sector, highly efficient power generation in thermal power plants using indicators such as the current specific consumption of fuel used per unit of energy released.This indicator is used to compare the efficiency, the effectiveness of the various power plants.For example, thermal plants with sub-critical steam parameters specific consumption of 365 grams of standard fuel / kWh, with supercritical parameters - 320 grams of standard fuel / kWh for a modern combined cycle plants - 265 grams of standard fuel / kWh.For electric networks is determined by the energy efficiency of electric power losses in the networks, which is currently about 11% is released to the network grid and energy efficiency can be expressed by the transmission and distribution of electricity.Similarly we define energy efficiency of heating networks, the loss of which is approximately 12%.

for power system as a whole does not exist any universal criterion, what should be the production costs in the electricity industry, which use the energy index, which characterizes the efficiency of the primary energy input, which contains the fuel.It appears that this may be used in specific fuel consumption figure for all power stations attributable to the sold energy consumers.

There is a direct correlation between the growth rate of energy intensity and energy consumption and the GDP.It follows that the dynamics of change in the energy intensity of gross domestic product and is determined by the pace and the increasing use of energy resources and the pace of economic development of the economy.If the growth rate of energy consumption outstrips GDP growth, and the production costs in the electricity industry are growing, increasing energy consumption, and if the relationship is reversed, the energy consumption is reduced.

Thus, to ensure the growth of the energy efficiency of the economy it is necessary that the pace of economic development, expressed in GDP growth, the rate of growth would be faster than energy consumption.It is worth noting two contradictory trends in energy consumption.On the one hand, the growth of installed power of labor as an important factor in increasing productivity, on the other - as a result of reduction of energy policy in the field of energy efficiency.