Lithium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.

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Lithium hydroxide - inorganic (ie not containing carbon) base lithium - alkali.The substance has the formula LiOH.

Under standard conditions hydroxide - a colorless crystals.Outwardly, they are in the form of polyhedra with regular arrangement of angles and sides.At the heart of the crystal is a tetragonal lattice.

Lithium hydroxide - a very aggressive substance, so when you work with him you should take precautions: Avoid contact with exposed skin and especially mucous.To work with these substances without protection is impossible.Contact with eyes or mucous membranes leads to very severe burns or blindness.

lithium hydroxide can be obtained to conduct a chemical reaction of lithium metal or oxide with water, lithium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, or by exchange reactions.

reacting with the acid or acid oxides, LiOH gives the salt and water.If the metal is heated in an inert atmosphere, it breaks into lithium oxide and water.

Lithium hydroxide is required for the preparation of salts of this metal.These salts are part of the filler for alkaline batteries.They are used in gas masks, underwater and space ships to absorb carbon dioxide.Without lithium salts impossible polymerization (it acts as a catalyst).The substance is widely used in the glass industry, the manufacture of ceramics, lubricants, capable of carrying a large temperature difference.Today more and more of the substance costs to manufacture lithium-ion power sources.

Interestingly, using lithium previously treated gout.Today it is known that the metal include comprehensive treatment of drug addicts and pathological aggression.It was found: in drinking water in some region a lot of lithium, the people in the area calm, balanced, kinder.Among them there is almost no bullies, brawlers, brawlers.Lithium prevents hypertension, stimulates the regeneration of bone marrow cells.

Colorless hygroscopic crystals (that has this kind of potassium hydroxide) in the home is often called potassium hydroxide or caustic soda or caustic potash.Substance (KOH) needed to produce liquid soaps, certain compounds of potassium.Water crystals of potassium hydroxide are clearly marked alkaline.Potassium hydroxide, KOH prepared using electrolysis KCl solutions without mercury cathodes.Such reactions produce a very pure material with a minimum amount of impurities.

Potassium hydroxide can react with neutralizing acids react (to form a salt and water) to the acid oxides.

KOH is used in industry to produce methane determining cations in a chemical solution obtained by absorption or potassium salts of acidic gases.The product is widely used in the manufacture of soaps, shampoos, bleaches, foam or shaving gels.

If some lithium compounds have become widespread in medicine (for treating bipolar disorder, cyclothymia, schizophrenia, disorders and the like), the use of potassium hydroxide food industry.This is one of the most common food additives - E525.The additive is used as an emulsifier and an acidity regulator.On the dangers of supplements under active debate.However, the prevailing view that in small quantities it does not bring much harm.The list of food additives is strictly prohibited in our country, it is not included.Potassium hydroxide

- extremely aggressive and dangerous substance.Paper burns, destroys the skin and other organic matter.That's why working with KOH only in special rubber gloves and goggles.Eye of caustic substances often leads to blindness.