Rauchtopaz - stone whose properties do miracles

In another way it is called smoky quartz.Rauchtopaz - stone, the properties of which are widely used in magic and alternative medicine.It is believed that through it man firmly on the ground, not up in the clouds.Energy smoky quartz focused on practicality.Rauchtopaz - stone properties which should help in the organization of time and protect against extravagance, for example, in financial matters.This mineral is recommended to carry with them during shopping trips and to keep on the table when calculating costs or working with documents.

Smoky quartz removes negative energy, cleans the atmosphere after a quarrel.Exempt from the heavy burden of resentment and accusations of other people also rauchtopaz.Stone, whose properties are manifested most intensely, if you hold it in your hand for a few minutes, can remove a bad mood, fatigue and depression.Be sure to rinse it under running water.

It is a variety of quartz, is closely associated with rock crystal.Rauchtopaz - stone whose properties depend strongly on transparency.Smoky quartz is generally transparent and colored in various shades of brown.Large deposits are located him in Brazil and the United States (Colorado), as well as in the Urals, in Siberia, in Lower Silesia.Smoky quartz is used in the form of jewelry or as a talisman.Rauchtopaz - stone, the properties of which are also associated with increased survival instinct.Opaque called morion.Both species have medicinal properties that help drug addicts and alcoholics go through a difficult period of detoxification.The mineral, which is able to compensate for the suffering from withdrawal syndrome - a rauchtopaz.The magical properties of its impact on fertility.It also gives people the weak and vacillating power and authority that they were able to translate their dreams into reality.To a large extent it is able to adjust and negative energy, contributing to the formation of positive behaviors.For example, earrings or a ring rauchtopaz help eliminate the vagueness of thinking and psychological remove clamps.This stone is a powerful antidepressant.The magic of it is closely connected with its appearance.This is especially noticeable in the large instances: the play of light and shadow play of colors can be seen endlessly, is only to bring it to a lamp or a candle.In addition, it is believed that it has a positive effect on the immune system a beneficial effect on the fight against infections and cancer cells.

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From rauchtopaz make a variety of jewelry, from necklaces to earrings and pendants, bracelets and rings.It is best combined with silver instead of gold.In faceted as it is inserted into the rings, but as a mascot can be used raw large stone.His very presence in the room is able to clear it from the negative radiation.It helps and meditation.Treatment of stones is largely due to the effects of psychotherapy.Its results will not be immediate, but that the impact on energy minerals, no doubt.