What is the "Search protect", and how to treat it?

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So today we will talk to you about what the "Search protect", to get rid of this infection, as well as discuss how it appears on the computer.Probably, many users have experienced computer viruses and they know that some can be quite difficult to get rid of.So let's quickly look at why there is a "Search protect", and how to remove it once and for all.

What and why?

We begin with a study of our current program.If it can be called such.Generally, if you are thinking that such a "Search protect", you can start to panic - a kind of browser hijacker virus.He is able to steal your entries.Not very nice, especially if you often score in the browser bank card numbers or logins / passwords from e-wallets.

Among other things, "Search protect" - a program that supposedly helps you work on the Internet.In fact, it simply clutter processes and "jamming" the computer.In other words, it begins to slow down.The longer the virus sits in the system, the greater the "brake".You can start to panic if your PC is switched on for 5 minutes, the program opens another 10, and gives a lot of mistakes.Thus, it is necessary to see how this infection generally takes.After all, if these places can be simply avoided.

Places infection

Well, if you think for a long time how close the "Search protect" and remove it once and for all, that is likely to have visited one of these "towns", where this infection can occur.

first place was given, of course, a variety of programs for cracking.When they are used, users are forced to turn off anti-virus system.And this is a great opportunity to activate the virus.

In addition, you can also catch the "Search protect" (yes, and any other spam), going on suspicious links advertising.Sometimes a single click on the banner - and the infection in the operating system.

third place was given to the so-called boot manager.They are very "love" together with a downloadable file to install more malware and varied.For such content, and the virus is "Search protect".Once the download is complete, you will find yourself "car and small truck" strange and new content.So let's try to understand you now, what method might save yourself and your computer against annoying spam.


Now that we know what the "Search protect", is to fight this plague.Any such "battle" begins with a banal action - check your computer for viruses.

for this venture is perfect Dr.Web.If he for some reason do not like it you can also take advantage of "Avast".Or Nod32.There is no fundamental difference there - only the desire of the user.

In any case, before the test should be updated database of viruses.Then run a deep scan and then wait for the results.Here, you may need patience - sometimes test requires several hours.Upon receipt of the final results, a cure all that was found.Does not work?Then simply remove the damaged and dangerous files.You can close the anti-virus and continue to work on.


If you notice that you have a badge "Search protect", then it can only mean one thing: a computer somewhere in the set program of the same name.Touch the label does not make sense - it still will not help us.So you can remove it, and then proceed to more important things.

Visit the "control panel".It will have to look for the "Add or Remove Programs."Click on this item and wait a little bit.You will see a list of all installed content and games that are only available in the system.What should I do?Get rid of the application "Search protect", as well as from those "progressive" that you do not use for a long time (and plan).

Click on the lines necessary to right-click and then select "Delete."After the completion of this phase will be done only a couple of simple steps that will certainly help us win annoying "Search protect".


It is time to look into the "Task Manager".This is where we have to disable the virus created by a process that does not allow ordinary users to permanently delete the "Search protect".To do this, press Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Now in the dialog box (on the Windows version 7 and above), select "Task Manager."Before you open the window in which we are now going to work.Go to the tab "Processes".Look closely at what is running on your computer.After that, you have to find a place Protectsvc.Complete this "problem."Do not be afraid - it is this line and will prevent us from ever remove "Search protect".After that, you can safely close the service and move on.


As you can see, is that there is nothing complicated about the removal of today there is no infection.Now we have to look into the properties of the labels of all your browsers installed on your computer.After all, there lurk the remnants of our current infection.

Click on the icon of the browser, right-click and then select "Properties."Before you pop up a small window.It is necessary to pay attention to the "object".Scroll through it to "stop" and then see if there is something in the quotes after the executable (exe) file.Yes?Then wipe off the inscription together with parenthesis, and then save the changes.It was, perhaps, the only remnants of our contagion.But do not hurry to rejoice.It is best to clean up the registry before the final reboot.This will help you CCleaner.

That's all.Now you know what a "Search protect", as well as possible methods of dealing with this infection.You should not "run" computer treatment.After all, in case of failure of treatment you will have to reinstall the entire operating system.