What perdimonokl?

sharp verbal expressions and phrases which are able to express the emotional state more precisely the usual words enter our vocabulary in different ways.Some buzzwords and phrases were in use among the artisans, the appearance of the other associated with a particular event.And there is an expression borrowed from foreign languages.It is to this category is the word, which will be discussed in this article.

What perdimonokl?

Like most other established expression, is extant in an abbreviated version.Over time, in Russian the word of French origin "perdimonokl" whose value we will look further changed its original appearance.Initially, the phrase sounded like "full perdyumonokl."Eat it in the context of the final completion of something.In other words - the end of everything!The direct translation of the expression "perdu monocle" sounds like "lost his monocle."At first glance, it seems that these two values ​​do not have any connection with each other.But it is not.In the eighteenth century in Russia wearing a monocle it was considered particularly chic, something akin to art.And to lose this accessory is considered a terrible embarrassment.

alternative version of the appearance of expression

Generally, about what is perdimonokl, there are several versions.One of them is the most popular (and most reliable) - the so-called theater.This is one stage techniques that has been used very often, and become a kind of stamp.To understand, you need a moment to imagine how a gentleman wearing a monocle.And even better - to try.Facial muscles are under tension, and eye squints slightly.And imagine that you hear something surprising or shocking.In such a situation is not easy to control the facial expressions: eyebrows raised, the muscles relax, and, of course, monocle falls.It receives a mysterious perdimonokl.Who first used this technique, theatrical unknown.

value of the expression is currently

Over time, the theatrical tradition and entered into everyday life.However, the language has evolved, and the words take on a different meaning.It happened with this expression.At present, the answer to the question "What is perdimonokl" is considered to be any situation from which there is no escape, but you can still treat it with humor.That is not the end, but still a nuisance.

well-known idiom "eye fell" is the Russified version of expression having French origin.It denotes an extreme degree of astonishment.Naturally, this eye can not fall out of orbit, and inserted a piece of glass - easily!