The temperament of the person and its types

temperament - is the individual characteristics that determine the characteristics of mental processes, emotional reactions and behaviors.It depend on it such qualities as mobility, speed of reaction or activity.Studies of the human temperament began several centuries ago, as indicated by the works of the ancient Greek philosophers.

To start it is worth noting that the temperament and character - these things are completely different.The character - these are the qualities that are formed, starting from the moment of birth.They are totally dependent on the influence of the environment - the behavior of parents and loved ones, ways of life, some important events, work, etc.

temperament - is an innate quality that is inherent nature.It demonstrates the dynamic personality and influences the formation of character.But it is necessary to understand that the views, interests, beliefs, and other indicators of the person can not attribute the peculiarities of temperament.

temperament and its main characteristics

modern doctrine of temperament was laid writings known researcher Pavlov, who believed that the dynamics of mental processes depends on two main processes in the nervous system - inhibition and excitation.These processes are dependent on three factors:

  • strength - the ability of neurons to carry concentrated or long-term jitters;
  • balance that characterizes the harmonious relationship of excitation and inhibition;
  • mobility - is responsible for the occurrence of a rapid response to external stimuli, development speed and attenuation of nerve processes.

Temperament and its types

So, modern psychologists are four main types of human temperament:

  • choleric;
  • sanguine;
  • melancholic;
  • phlegmatic;

Each of these types has its own characteristics, which depends on the behavior and dynamic person.


feature of this nervous system is strong, balanced and moving processes of excitation - inhibition.All the emotions and feelings of a man arise quickly and are stronger but also damped.A person with this type of temperament - an optimist with a good mood.It easily adapts to new environments and quickly becomes the "soul of the company."Always willing to make new friends and come to their aid.

On the other hand it is very unstable feeling.Flaming interest to any person or the fast fading.A person can quickly change the temper justice with mercy, and vice versa.But the mental or physical work, especially if it is associated with stress, quickly tires sanguine and he loses interest in it.


people with similar temperaments can be called overly emotional, quick-tempered, unbalanced.If we talk about the quality characteristics, there is the excitation processes predominate over inhibition reaction.That is why the choleric as incontinence, irritable and impulsive.It

such people quick and hurried, with violent gestures and facial expressions are very expressive.As for the social adaptation, the person sometimes seems very harsh, intemperate and intolerant, and his judgments - subjective.

In the choleric energetic and motivated, happy to give himself to the cause.But the nervous system, which is constantly in tension, may be exhausted.In this case, the man weakens, feeling frustrated and unhappy.


man with such a temperament is always calm and balanced, almost never loses his temper.But on a par with that he's a bit slow and sometimes inert towards others.These people emotions outwardly not appear - they handled serially and cold-blooded.


all mental processes such a person are slow reaction to the events generated for a long time.Although the emotions and feelings of people formed at once, they are very deep and strong.Melancholic very vulnerable, any offense carrying heavy, and sometimes even bring a person to a deep depression.

temperament plays a huge role in his life.But it is necessary to understand that the above forms of temperament in its pure form are rare.Most often, the human temperament is a mixture of two or even three varieties.