You know what dreams tomatoes?

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Our life rich in adventure and experiences.Human memory is not able to remember every detail of our day.Essential, important information that we repeat in the mind from day to day, is stored in memory for a long time.However, many facts, events, our knowledge goes into what is called a reserve.If the strain memory, you can recall a lot of things.But if the information is irrelevant, it is stored in the brain, like the hard disk.In the dream, the same person can not control your thinking.Therefore, they say that in a dream, we can see the whole film, built on a huge number of events.What we see in dreams, can tell us about our future.

Many people wonder what dreams tomatoes.Indeed, the unusual image.However, with the dream book can be easily unravel its meaning.If tomatoes are just lying on a table or in a plate, it means your quiet life, not burdened by any problems.Pay attention to the color of a tomato.You want to know what dreams tomatoes red?Red speaks of passion, love.Most likely, in the future you will find a new love, a new relationship, full of sensuality, emotion and love.Swallow your passion, you can easily lose your head.Beware of your emotions, it is not necessary after the first date entirely trust the person.You do not want to stay with a broken heart?

And what dream green tomatoes?Green vegetables talk about the immaturity of your ideas, plans, and thoughts.You take on too much responsibility, but can not cope with this huge burden of unnecessary obligations.Green tomatoes also promise a cash payment.Dollars to ask in your pocket, so do not hesitate to capture the moment.If the chef offers a promotion, do not hesitate to answer.If you randomly turned up a lottery ticket, there is a great chance to get the win.

And what dream salted tomatoes?Most likely in the near future you will have a hard time.You may encounter a lack of understanding of the native person.Your friends can hurt you in word or deed, a loved one can betray you.Do not allow the situation to the peak, try to swallow the insult, even if it is very strong.After all settled in your relationship, you can ask that this situation does not recur or you may harbor resentment.If you eat a sweet tomato, while you are very tasty, and you enjoy the aroma, wait for successful events.All add up, adjusted, glued together.You might expect the journey to a distant land, which will leave only good impression.

And what dreams tomatoes?If you dream you see the whole greenhouse vegetables, then soon your family will replenish.If you see a black tomatoes covered with mold, then in the near future, you can not escape trouble.Here, you can not argue with fate, it is better to accept things as they are, try to get into a situation that oppresses you.Do not try to fix anything, just swim peacefully down the river.

And what dreams tomatoes that you grow at home or on the balcony?Rather, it is a hint from your subconscious that you have time to take a close.It has not been a doctor?It's time to make an appointment.Forgot what a manicure and pedicure?Road to the salons open to you.Update your wardrobe bored, change the style of the image.Make a fashionable hairstyle.Let them see you around transfigured, fresh.Cooked tomatoes dream of an unexpected meeting with an old old friend.

What Whatever dreamed of tomatoes, most importantly, always be yourself, believe in yourself and never give up.Go ahead, do not be afraid of obstacles.Tomato - is a good vegetable, and most often it portends well-being, prosperity and welfare.