Gift certificates for the photo session from the studio of Catherine the Rig Veda

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Photos you can save material evidence of the important moments in life and save images of people in the pictures.Thanks to the skill of the photographer shots are not just a document, but a work of art.He is fluent mastery of photography Ekaterina Rigveda, studio which is located in Krasnodar.It performs all types of shooting.In its set of services includes studio or perform outdoor photoshoot Krasnodar , wedding reportage, staged a photo and story, reporting from different events, portraits of children, adults and family photos.Photographer developed special packages for each theme shooting.

Each photographer Rigveda their work fits individually.Before the photo session is preparing the client, including giving advice on the choice of costume and create a harmonious image.She can feel the "flavor" of each person, and accurately reflect the unique feature of its photo models in the pictures.On request Ekaterina Rigveda can do make-up, as is both a professional makeup artist.During the photo session the client gets her help in choosing the most advantageous pos.

Online studio of Catherine the Rig Veda can be found, how much a photo shoot in Krasnodar for each order.When shooting adult session is designed for two hours.Photoshoot baby photographer held an hour.Prices studio shooting take into account the cost of renting a studio space.All additional services: the implementation of make-up and hairstyles - also paid separately.

Special payment terms for wedding photography.The cost depends on its duration.Photographer works for a wedding event can last from 3 to 14 hours.The studio m Catherine Rigveda the system of discounts when a customer orders a range of services.

fotosesssii As a result the client can select the pictures which seem to him the most successful, and 10 photos will be a full computer processing.All images are subject to correction.As a result of the order will be recorded pictures on a disk.

In the studio, you can buy a special gift certificate for a photo session in Krasnodar, in the price which takes into account the payment of all necessary services, rent studio recording time, image processing, as well as professional printing multiple photos.The certificate is made printing method, a prestigious appearance and original design and is packed in a special envelope.To be able to pick up a gift for any destination, offers several options for certificates that are different venue for photo shoots and filming of objects: one for two or family photos.

set of services offered by the studio of Catherine the Rig Veda, will satisfy any customer needs in the photographic.The quality of images ensure high professionalism and experience of the photographer.