Sagittarius girl.

has long been known that the zodiac sign has a certain effect on the character traits and behavior.In this article we will talk about what qualities she possesses Sagittarius.

young ladies, born from 22 November to 21 December, different live, restless character.They are natural, freedom.Therefore, the decision to tie the knot is given to them is not easy.Quite often they are left alone, however, their life is never monotonous and boring.Often the girl Sagittarius because of their desire for independence is capable of impulsive and ill-considered marriage.

Representatives of this sign differ excessive truthfulness and frankness, which often leads to quarrels with others.But because of pride and optimism, Sagittarius is able to honorably withdraw from the situation.Women born under this zodiac constellation differ a good mood, they quickly forget the hurt and harm.About his experiences and frustrations Sagittarius girl tries not to tell anyone, carefully hiding the sadness under the guise of fun.S

he is very independent and is often indifferent to the close family ties, preferring an independent life.If a woman has found a soul mate, it becomes excellent mother and wife, but does not allow a command.Sagittarius girl is very hospitable and friendly, loves the cheerful company.Her friendliness attracts people so much that they feel society Sagittarius is very cozy.

girl born under this constellation, by its very nature - artless child.Her views and beliefs are so innocent that hold around her finger anyone can.Nevertheless, the young ladies who were born under the constellation Sagittarius, not for years wise, intellectually developed and consistent.Also, they are very sensitive and vulnerable, hard to tolerate frustration and pain.

girl Sagittarius - man-lion.Compatible

Their relationship can be called perfect.In the life of Sagittarius and Leo - the best of friends, and in bed - passionate lovers.They are optimistic, sociable, have a lot in common.Leo and Sagittarius are able to take care of each other, to find a common denominator in controversial issues, support in difficult minute.They even agree to give her lover a degree of freedom by closing their eyes to certain shortcomings.Important in their relationships - the ability to infect each other positive.

The only disagreement between them can occur in their views on family life and marriage.Sagittarius woman is afraid of losing his freedom, while the male lion is focused on traditional ideas about the lifestyle couples are bound by ties of Hymen.That is why the relationship between these two zodiac signs are much stronger when not involve making any commitments.

girl Aquarius - Sagittarius man.Compatible

very favorable combination.These zodiac signs perfectly complement each other, they are always looking for new, interesting.Hence the joint desire for adventure and travel.Aquarius and Sagittarius intellectual development, they constantly have several topics to discuss.These zodiac signs are paired based relationship that is trust.However, not all woman-Aquarius is ready to accept your partner's love of freedom.Sagittarius can count on independence, but only within reasonable limits.