Professional skills and personal qualities in the resume writing

Professional skills and personal qualities - it is a must when filling out or writing a resume for any job.In this section you have the opportunity to express themselves, to tell potential employers about all its advantages.Some job seekers believe that the key is considered to be part of professional skills.But they are not quite right.Employees surf personnel pay the same attention to it, as well as personal qualities.And often their job a certain mismatch can cause failure of the candidate.

Professional skills and personal traits: what should be avoided?

When filling out the data points follow one simple rule: Be sincere.No need to invent what is not.Cheating will, then the employer will be extremely disappointed.Do not write that you know how, for example, work with the program "Photoshop", but actually it just opened a couple of times.Very often, recruiters give a test job candidates get noticed for determining the level of his knowledge, and here you are risking to be trapped.Also, it is not necessary in the "personal qualities" to write, for example, that you are very sociable, communicative and quickly finding other people with a common language a person if it is not true.Another tip: do not write too much or too little in those paragraphs about yourself, observe moderation.

Professional skills and personal traits: what to write?

When transferring their skills specify only what is essential and important.For example, if you make a resume for job programmer, indicate that a good command of the computer is not necessary, since it is already implied.

Skills.Example (programmer):

  • knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, C ++, OOP;
  • experience with MySQL;
  • ability to optimize queries and do the tuning of databases;
  • work with the framework Zend.

Specify all that you see fit.You can also open the job requirements (if possible), and from there to finish everything that belongs to you.

Personal qualities of the candidate the employer is not interested in full.It is a question that may be required from the employee.For example, to write that you are a kind and warm-hearted person, it is not necessary, since it does not apply to the work.Here is a list of what can be noted in the summary:

  • duty;
  • ambition (in the case of managerial positions, vacancies, requiring creativity and creative approach);
  • organization (referring to as the self-organization and the ability to organize the work of the team);
  • punctuality;
  • responsibility;
  • sociability (implies a number of concepts: the ability to quickly establish contact with other people, sociability, talkativeness);
  • initiative (ability to take matters into their own hands and develop new ideas, proposals);
  • good learning ability (the ability to quickly assimilate new knowledge);
  • stress tolerance (the ability to work under stressful conditions).

Professional skills and personal qualities - these are two very important points in the preparation of resumes, so Treat them very carefully and do not try to trick potential employer.