What is the Red Book of Ukraine?

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Red Book of Ukraine - it is the main document, which contains all the materials of rare animals and plants.It is possible to see all the animals on the verge of extinction.On the basis of the Red Book of Ukraine law enforcement agency to develop practical and scientific measures that are aimed at restoring populations of flora and fauna.

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In this edition are included those animals who live permanently or temporarily in the wild on the territory of the state.All the animals, recorded in a directory called the Red Book of Ukraine, is under the protection, and it is being kept under strict surveillance.

Each country monitors the animals, birds and plants in their territory.Especially for those who have started to reduce their numbers.The data that is being investigated as research, are recorded in a special collection.Ukraine is no exception.And the first such collection appeared in 1980.It was called The Red Book of Ukraine.It was introduced 151 species of plants and 85 species of animals.

worked on the book many scientists, they are gathered from different countries and doing a great job, raising the lists a large number of animals.This was done in order to find out which species are disappearing, and what you need to maintain that they are not extinct at all.


volume in 1994 was printed and released is called "Animal World" two years later published the book "Flora."The results left much to be desired, because in a few years, the number was 390 rare plants species and animals has increased by 297.

third, the last collection appeared in 2009.And, unfortunately, it has been made a huge number of creatures that need protection.Looking at these numbers, we can say that the pace of humanity will soon be left without animals.

Every year the number of endangered rare creatures is increasing at a high rate.For example, speckled gopher previously met on the territory of Ukraine is very common.But due to the fact that began to destroy its habitat, and rodents are exterminated themselves by various toxins and chemicals, populations of this species began to decline sharply.

In 2000, the number of these rare creatures do not cross the border in 1000 individuals.They are rarely found in small colonies in the Luhansk and Kharkiv regions.

Another endangered species, which is included not only in the Red Book of Ukraine, but also in the book of the Russian Federation - is muskrat.Because of the negative impact of humanity on the environment of the planet there are only 35,000 of this species.Their number in Ukraine is so small that they are only found in the Sumy region, the number - only three hundred individuals, and they continue to die.


So, let's find out what the name contains the Red Book of Ukraine.Pets:

  1. European mink.Its population is reduced due to the fact that hunting is carried out on these animals.On the territory of the state are only 200 individuals.
  2. steppe fox, otherwise called Korsak.Because of its valuable fur hunters exterminate this species.In Ukraine, it is rare and only in the Luhansk region.The number of these animals are not more than 20.
  3. Lynx vulgaris was spread almost throughout the European part.Shooting these animals has led to the fact that a large number of them were killed.Today, they live in Russia, Scandinavia and the Carpathians.A small number of lives in Belarus, Poland, Central Asia and the Balkans.In Ukraine there are only 400 individuals.

There are animals that have completely disappeared from the territory of Ukraine.This monk seal.He was met in large numbers on the banks of the Crimea.Today, they are found only off the coast of Turkey and Bulgaria.Their total number does not exceed 1,000 individuals.


Also animals that are written in the book, there is also a bird of the Red Book of Ukraine.Their number also leaves much to be desired.A few years ago, all kinds of birds are quite common in the country, in its cities.Here's a quick list: yellow heron, ibis, common spoonbill, black stork, Alpine Accentor, the Aquatic Warbler.There are also birds that have been little studied, and they do not have categories and ratings.This Red Heads wren and the smallest bird.

These included bird woodpecker unit: green, three-toed woodpeckers and white-backed - and many different groups, divided by category (rare, vulnerable, endangered) and without them.These are the animals and birds, which lists just so large that it is impossible to list all of them.But naturally there are different vegetation, which also destroyed intentionally or accidentally.It does not matter, but the fact remains.And it makes us think about the importance of protected sites.Let's look at the category grasses and trees.

Red Book of Ukraine: Plants

This edition listed plants such as asplenia black, Rhodiola rosea, Marsiglius Four-juniper Cossack sword-grass, Grifola frondosa, difaziastrum flattened.

Let's list some of the flowers of the Red Book of Ukraine.Here you can find snowdrops, they too are included in this book, alpine aster, cornflower belozhemchuzhnye, narrow-leaved daffodils, tulips Schrenk, forest lily, saffron and many others.


listing the names of animals, birds and plants listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, you can do forever.All names written above is not limited to this list.And he, much to the sorrow, increases every year.