Shoes, skirt, watch.

Women often argue about what is important in everyday image - he attire, accessories or jewelry?What attracts the most desirable male attention to your person?Stylists rush to reassure the ladies, he said that in the first place, a man pays attention to the whole image as a whole and its harmony and only then begin to look into the details.Remember that it is they, the assurances of the classics, the devil is hidden.It is details such as watches for women, will lift you to the top in the eyes of your chosen one, or a passerby or dropped to the bottom.Let us consider three basic elements of any attractive (from the male point of view) of the image.


Seductive and comfortable "studs" - the dream of every woman who decided to be attractive.It does not have to be famous, "Manolo Blahnik" pair can be any, the main rule - heel height of not less than 10 centimeters and comfortable shoes.Too high heels will make you look like a marionette awkwardly waddling and uncomfortable shoes make to suffer from pain.You should not go to extremes and choose overwrought shoes, otherwise you risk being overlooked on the background of their splendor.Remember that it is not necessary to combine the color of shoes and a bag if you do not want to seem old-fashioned.


most important rule here - the older you are, the longer should be the skirt.But it is important to remember that at any age is an ideal length to the middle of the knee and at any age is too short skirts will not sign of sexual liberation, but vulgarity and even stupidity.The long skirt with transparent inserts give a hundred points to even the shortest "mini."Seductive woman does not flaunt, but seducing his promises - a pencil skirt just above (half a palm), or below the knee with a small cut will make you slimmer and more attractive.


few as a hundred years ago, the wrist is considered one of the most attractive parts of the body.As time passed, they changed morals, the sexual revolution happened, but the girl's fragile wrist is still forced to fight more often harsh men's hearts.It correctly selected the clock will attract men look to your hands.

If you're used to being the center of attention and feel like a real urban predator - you can definitely afford to watch Dolce & amp; Gabbana.With this accessory you will not only attract the attention of others men, but also the direct text say to them that you need to win and win, because she Dolce & amp; Gabbana is not looking for half-measures and compromises.Ladies watch from the brand become a real symbol of your temperament and decoration of your image.Men do not have to err on your account, and you - to waste your time on trifles, if you are an accessory Dolce & amp; Gabbana.Combine this accessory with animal prints, sweet perfume and red lipstick - no man can resist.

Citizen Watches more restrained in its design.In contrast to the luxury of Dolce & amp; Gabbana, language Citizen - this hints and omissions.This accessory is suitable dreamy intelligent young ladies, not accustomed to plunge headlong into the sea of ​​raging passions, but waiting for the elect without fuss.The accessory of the brand will be the perfect accompaniment to a small volume Esenina big mug of vanilla latte and a long knitted sweater large.The brand's watches embody the idea of ​​sensual femininity fragility.

Avoid too heavy and aggressive hours.Such models will give your image of being too masculine and sharpness.It is not necessary to purchase a fake even the most trendy new items - such watches quickly lose their "commodity" type and can destroy even the most romantic way.