What you need to know about hypertension

This disease has become a companion of every fifth inhabitant of the planet.It's about high blood pressure, which affects 40% of the population of our country.

What provokes the development of hypertension, and how to prevent it?

factor first.Heredity

in the development of hypertension, this factor plays an important role.Especially if it is - a legacy through the first-degree relatives (father, mother, grandparents, brothers and sisters).The risk of hypertension is increased even more if the high blood pressure had two or more relatives.

What to do: If you - at risk, keep your finger on the pulse!Regularly measure your blood pressure and, in the event of a systematic increase as soon as possible, consult a doctor.

second factor.Paul

vast majority of hypertensive patients - the representatives of the stronger sex: male sex hormones stimulate the rise of blood pressure.Moreover, unlike women have more body weight (including, and muscle), and thus larger volume of the vascular bed and the blood circulating therein, which creates favorable conditions for a high pressure level.

the years, chances to earn hypertension among representatives of strong and weak half of mankind equal.After menopause, the natural hormonal protection of the cardiovascular system in women is reduced to nothing.

What to do: Close to 40 years to think about yourself.Both men and women.And, if necessary, refer to an endocrinologist and start taking hormone replacement therapy.

third factor.Stress

stress hormone adrenaline makes the heart beat faster, pumping a greater volume of blood.If stress continues for a long time, such a chronic load wears out vessels and high blood pressure becomes chronic.

What to do: Learn how to manage their emotions.Change your attitude to the problems.After all, any, even the most terrible at first glance, the event can be regarded as a negative and a positive side.

Do not take on more than you can do.Proved: those who spend at work more than 41 hours per week, the risk to get hypertension increased by 15%.

fourth factor.Alcohol abuse and smoking

Daily consumption of alcoholic beverages increases the pressure by 5-6 mm Hg.Art.per year, and the components of tobacco smoke, getting into the blood to cause vasospasm.In addition, smokers have enhanced oxygen starvation of tissues and brain.

What to do: Gradually give up addictions.The most that is allowed to hypertensive patients - 60 ml of spirits per week and 200 grams of dry wine.The same applies to coffee and strong tea.Limit their intake of at least up to a cup per day.Not to mention cigarettes.Even a light (low in nicotine and tar).They are just as harmful as strong.

factor of five.Physical inactivity

sedentary lifestyle.Experts have calculated that people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, 20-50% higher risk of hypertension than those who are active in sports or physical labor.

untrained heart worse handle the load.While regular exercise can work wonders.They contribute to the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, helping to reduce obesity, reduce blood sugar and bad cholesterol reducing low density.Installs: Regular exercise reduces blood pressure by 5-10 mm Hg.Art.

What to do: Gradually increase the daily physical activity.Make it a rule to make short walks.Load small portions strengthen the walls of the arteries better than ordinary physical education classes, keeping them flexible and elastic.If you do decide to go in for sports, prefer exercises to endurance training (breathing exercises, swimming, skiing).But do not get carried away: a strong physical exertion increases the systolic (upper) pressure, so it is best to engage in a little (30 minutes) each day, gradually increasing the load - from mild to moderate.

sixth factor.Overweight.Obesity

This circumstance doctors stands out.And no wonder: in people with overweight broken fat metabolism, lost elasticity of blood vessels, which are corrosion affected by atherosclerosis.It is known: when overweight increases the risk of developing hypertension in 6 (!) Times, and every extra 500 grams per unit increase in blood pressure.For our country, this issue is more than relevant.Obesity and overweight are suffering, we have about 30% of the population, catching up on these indicators United States and several other developed countries.

What to do: Watch your weight.Reasonable exercise and low-calorie diet - the best option.At the same time, nutritionists recommend: in the morning to eat 20-25% of the daily volume of food for dinner - 50-60%, and in the evening - 15-20%, dividing the meal 4 times a day and trying to eat at the same time notat least 2 hours before bedtime.

gradually pushed out of their diet butter, cheese, sausage, sour cream, bacon additional quantity of fruits and vegetables, edible oils and lean fish.Prefer low-fat dairy products.This way you can control the content of cholesterol in the blood and normalize weight.Look for foods rich in two kinds of fiber.In this sense, brown rice, oatmeal, bran cereal are good in the same way as vegetables and fruits.

Factor seventh.Excessive dietary sodium (salt) in food

Excess salt leads to fluid retention, edema contributes to organs and tissues, causing suffering and blood vessels.

What to do: Go for low-salt diet, in which the amount of salt is limited to 5 grams (1 teaspoon) per day.It should take into account that many products (cheeses, smoked meats, sausages, canned food, mayonnaise) themselves contain a lot of salt.

Test yourself

hypertension often occurs hidden.The man thus can feel quite normal and does not suspect that stands at the point of no return.Meanwhile, there are signs of hypertension.The signs pointing to its presence are scheduled:

headaches with the feeling of "wrap" of gravity or fullness in the back of the head;


weak or rapid heartbeat;

pain in the heart that occur at rest or with emotional stress, which do not pass after taking nitroglycerin;

shortness of breath that occurs first during exercise and later at rest;

leg swelling and puffiness of the face in the morning;

memory impairment;

mist veil flies before his eyes.


If you counted at least two of the above mentioned risk factors for hypertension, get its prevention.And regularly measure blood pressure.Determine how it differs from the norm, this table will help.

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