How to choose a printer at home?

Nowadays the computer is in almost every home.And many PC owners will sooner or later begin to wonder where to print the document, sent by e-mail, or a recipe found on the internet.Given the relatively low prices in the market of modern devices for printing, it is much better to have a printer or MFP home than constantly refer to a friend, who can print the information you need or look for a place where your media will be able to print multiple pages of text.

After the PC user is aware of it, it will start to ask yourself another question - how to choose the right printer for the house from the variety of devices on the market?For starters, let's see, what does have to make a choice, but rather what types of these devices in our time can be found on store shelves.

not taking into account the professional devices for printers and advertising agencies, the value of which fluctuates around a few tens of thousands of dollars, all the devices that fall into the category of "home printer" can be divided into several groups.

Inkjet Printers. this category of printers often can be found near the home PC. its name "struyniki" obliged printing process, which is used in all such devices.The ink in inkjet printers when printing on paper fall through special nozzles in small drops (streaks), the thickness of which does not exceed the thickness of the hair.Due to its low cost and ease of use, and the ability to print not only text, but also a variety of graphics and photographs, this category of printers is one of the most popular on the market today.The most famous and popular models - HP PhotoSmart D7263, Canon PIXMA iP4600 and Epson Stylus Photo R390.

Laser printers.This type of device greatly benefits in printing speed, as compared with their counterparts jet.But laser printers, there is one significant drawback - monochrome (print only "black") devices in this category are often no less good "struynika", and a color laser printer will cost several times more expensive than its counterpart jet.Also, before you select a printer, please note that the color laser printers are much more massive "struynikov" and will take up more space.Recognized best sellers at this time - HP Laserjet 1018, Lexmark Optra E120n and Optra E120, Canon Laser Shot LBP2900.

Photo Printers. What is the purpose of these devices, it is clear from their names.Conventionally, they can be divided into two types - fixed and mobile.Images are applied to them by means of sublimation (in other words, the evaporation of the paint at high temperature), which allows to obtain quality, similar to photographic quality.But before you choose a printer for the house because of this category, you should consider how often you print it photographs well as plain text or images that do not require high quality, as the cost of printing at the photo printer is quite high and the print sheet "black-White "of the text, in fact, you will pay almost the same as for the full picture.The most popular models - EPSON Stylus Photo P50 and the EPSON Stylus Photo T50.

But how to choose a printer for the home, which is suitable not only for printing from a computer, but would "shoot up" using a scanner and perform other tasks?It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel - if you need a solution not only for printing, but also for other purposes, it is best to get MFP . multifunctional device (exactly this abbreviation stands for), it becomes clear from the title, created to combine the multiple devices.Typically, the MFP includes an inkjet or laser printer and scanner.Such a device serves as a scanner and a printer, and a copier (and in some cases, and fax), taking up much less space than the whole, this technique alone.Vendors and users are recommended to pay attention to the model of Canon PIXMA MP520, HP Photosmart C6283 and the Epson Stylus Photo RX610.

But before you choose a printer for the house of one of the above options, ask the seller how much consumables (ink, toner, ink) will require you to print a certain number of pages on favorite device you need and at what price you will bypassthese "consumables".It must be done because the price of supplies, in some cases result in the cost of "unpretentious" printer, and some sellers simply "forget" to inform customers about this.