The family coat of arms for the school.

In today's world it is very difficult to meet someone who has never heard about the arms.Even savage tribes in Africa have a certain symbolism of his people, in which they learn the other tribes.However, a lot of people do not perceive the coat of arms as a symbol of the state as something important not only for every patriot of his country, but for the nation as a whole.People in this picture basic in seeing only a picture, on the creation of which I had taken a huge number of people.

Symbols group of children - school emblem

Recently build family crest for the school has become a very fashionable and up to date trend.The creation of such symbols for the small group there is nothing illegal in Russia and other countries are regulated only territorial emblems.

First, check whether the person in the family who have had formal ownership of such accolade.Even if you did not find such people among his distant relatives, you can always turn on the imagination and make a family coat of arms with his hands.

Craft and a flight of fancy - everything you need to create a coat of arms

to create a certain image (no matter what meaning the image will be in the future), you need to determine the background.It refers to the contour of the picture or field.For background, you can select:

  • shield;
  • clouds;
  • field;
  • outlines of leaves and so on. D.

It does not matter what will be the background.This may be a common thing that just gets into your eyes, or dear to detail.The most basic contours - geometric shapes.

Next, you must determine the palette of colors that will be present in your coat of arms.It is not necessary to copy the work of other similar groups.To answer the question how to make family crest, you will only own imagination and little ability to draw.Classic coat of arms has a total of 7 colors, but in a family, you can use though the whole color palette, the main thing that you liked it.

If a palette of colors you have already decided, and the contours clearly indicated, begin to think through the details.For example, in the maple leaf can be depicted, poultry, fish, horses.You can not depict animals, and draw a weapon or own dream.Do you want to combine in one picture several images?In this, too, there is nothing unnatural.Share the visual field of the coat of arms 2-4 and each draw an image that is not associated in meaning with others.There is no clear designation as to draw a family crest.Nobody will say that necessarily it must present a clear line and real characters.Even if the circuit will serve as a cloud, and it will sit fright Marsh, it is still considered to be your family crest.

Selecting background colors and

drawing a family crest for the school, it is worth considering whether to support the sides of some of his pieces, it can be people or animals.

choosing a color, think about its meaning:

  • White - represents purity, honesty, generosity and service to the truth;
  • yellow, orange, gold - wealth, power, virtue, Christians (charity, justice, faith, self-sufficiency);
  • blue - loyalty, trust, belief in a better, beauty, the will to go forward;
  • black - the wisdom and constancy;
  • red - courage, bravery, courage, and love;
  • green - freedom, abundance, prosperity.

If you want to portray an animal that characterizes your family, then keep in mind that each of them carries its meaning:

  • Lion - courage, strength;
  • Phoenix - immortality;
  • snake - wisdom;
  • eagle - fertility symbol of the sun;
  • dragon - integrity and inner goodness;
  • dolphin - force;
  • bee or ant - diligence;
  • griffin - ruthlessness and rage.

presentation or motto for the emblem

No matter you are drawing family crest for school, kindergarten or simply for the collection, the main thing that this image had its own meaning.Not everyone can understand what you mean by solar rays and lots of toys in your picture, so you should prepare a presentation or a motto.

Make a short story, why did you choose these colors for the drawing.Did you mean those small image in the center, and why you chose them, and not something else.If the family were great personalities from the family coat of arms, tell the story: who your ancestors were, why they are worthy of such honor and reward.

Do not forget the motto.It should not look like an essay on any subject.The coat of arms can write 5-10 words, but it will be the main words to remember all, it will be the words that describe you and your family.The motto can write:

  • on the coat of arms;
  • in the upper part of the figure;
  • in the lower part of the figure.

It is useful to write a little about the owner of the coat of arms, give him a small feature.

Tips for creating the emblem

Before you begin drawing, think that you portray.Do not handle immediately after the paint or markers, make sketches in pencil.Pencil you can always erase the eraser, and damaged paint will have to throw out a piece of paper.

Draw what you really expensive at the moment.Do you think that there is nothing more expensive than a cat Vaska, let him be.Want to family crest represented a portrait of your mother, it's also a good idea.

Description family crest to be accorded the drawing.Agree, sounds very stupid, "I love my mom and my dad, and the figure I have a cat Vaska and a teddy bear."Nobody forbids you to draw a mother, father, bear, cat and even a bunch of things.

High technology of the modern world also help

not always the job of a school teacher is viewed with a great desire to escape and immediately implement it.I do not want to invent and to dream, then for you it will make the computer program or an entire science experts - heraldry.

In fact, creating a family crest for the school, you will not notice anything complex.Not necessarily on the task to sit in splendid isolation until late at night and draw in every detail.Gather friends, parents, call the neighbors.The more the merrier is the drawing and the process of its creation.