Ekoshpon in interior doors

modern market offers a considerable range of varieties of interior doors.Our publication - an analogy from ekoshpona.

Ekoshpon: the main advantages

Ekoshpon - the name for a new artificial material produced from safe polymers.Neutrality components polypropylene confirmed its active use in medicine, pharmacy, food industry.

In fact, the material is presented multilayer decorative film, whose main objective is to simulate natural veneer.This eco-friendly product which complies with European standards and is widely used in the manufacture of interior doors.

main advantages of the material are the strength and durability.The decision to buy the door of ekoshpona correct simply because the consumer gets the product of long-term use.Abrasions, fractures, exposure to the sun so the doors will not get any due to the use in the production of vacuum technology.

regarding the possible design of the material is unique.The film is made from polypropylene is capable of extremely natural imitation wood texture.The resulting color depth of many pros compared with three-dimensional.Stability pattern of the multilayer coating duplicates to the smallest elements of the texture of real wood.Amateur the touch is not always determined that before him polypropylene or natural wood.

Variety textured and broad color palette allows ekoshpon used in the manufacture of products in any style, from classic and ending with the modern style.The cost of this material is low becauseproduction does not involve significant costs.

doors environmentally friendly veneer

I want the luxury and style of the interior, but a limited budget?No problem!Doors of ekoshpona quite cope with the implementation of the most chic designer's ideas.Company "Elitel" offers products from organic veneer, which are an excellent alternative to the doors, made from an array.The secret is that they are distinguished by a harmonious combination of texture of natural wood, environmentally friendly materials, as well as a high degree of durability.On many of the characteristics of the door ekoshpona not inferior to natural products, and in some ways even surpass it.Such designs easily installed where pleases becausethey are not exposed to the environment.They do not vytsvetut and not cracked.They cover different resistance to UV, alkalis and acids, any of the detergents and mechanical influences.Door leaf is covered with ekoshponom decades can save the original attractive appearance, without the need for repair.

The main advantage of these products cost significantly more attractive than the wooden counterparts.Visually, the first from the second, virtually indistinguishable.Would you like wenge or wenge textured?Please!Varies, some oak choose: gray, "Veneziano"?And this is possible.And the company "Elitel" offers interior doors ekoshpona, perfectly imitating walnut and ash.

Why doors ekoshpona worth it to buy the company "Elitel"

Environmental friendliness, practicality, impeccable design from a company with an impeccable reputation - "Elitel" - the best choice!The nuance is that the company operates in the market of building materials for more than 15 years.During this time, I learn and schooled really highly qualified personnel.Branches of the company are available in four dozen cities, with additional services, discounts and bonuses for regular customers more than attractive.