Colorful Interior: How to create a mood with color?

When choosing colors in the interior design often have an incredible complexity.It turns out that it does not turn confine your favorite colors.This is not enough.Colors may simply not be appropriate for a particular room.We offer a choice of colors to approach in terms of creating the room a certain atmosphere and mood.


Black - a very powerful color, and at the same time it is incredibly simple and elegant.Perhaps for the bedroom and the living room is too dark, but for the Home Office, he would be an excellent choice.However, we must not forget that the room should be enough light.


White - exquisite color and yet sufficiently restrained.To create a dynamic and catchy interior it will not work, it is best to choose some other.But for simple, clean and relaxed atmosphere it - perfect.


Brown is perfect for creating a simple down to earth atmosphere.He is warm and elegant, while the interior rustic it is indispensable in any way.Brown love man for his peace of mind, reliability and comfort.


designers found it quite difficult color.It is often perceived as girlish, so most did not hesitate to reject it at once.But there are so many wonderful shades of pink, which will help make the interior elegant.The most common use case pink - children.


Since the blue - it's cool color, but still associated with air and water, it is often used in the bathrooms.Soft shades of blue may come and bedroom.Turquoise color, of course, do not suck refers to blue, but he is smart, especially when combined with white.


Oddly enough sound, but the purple color refers to the colors, arousing sexual desire.Therefore, it is ideal for the bedroom.He looks perfectly in the interiors decorated in a modern style, especially in combination with gray.


little color there exists such fresh and alive as green.And at the same time it is soothing and relaxing.It can be safely used in bedrooms and living rooms, but it's best only as a color accent.


Red - the color of passion and energy, and no one there is no doubt on this score.It is perfectly suitable for the areas of entertainment, such as the same living room.But you need to use it in moderation, it is easy to overdo it.


warm and nice color, which for some reason did not become popular in interior decoration.It will look great in the living room, making guests feel at home.The kitchen and dining room, too, will benefit from his presence.


cheerful and bright color that it is desirable to be used only as an accent color.Yellow rugs, mats and other accessories is sure to please the eye, but the yellow walls - not a good idea.

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