Operative-search activities - the basics of effective investigation

current stage of development of Russian society requires a complex and urgent measures to strengthen the rule of law and the fight against all forms of crime.This aspect is particularly important revitalization and effectiveness of operational units, the actions of which depends largely on the identification, prevention, suppression and investigation of crimes successful.Operative-search measures play a key role in the detection and timely disclosure of particularly serious crimes that carry enormous damage to citizens and a threat to stability in the country as a whole.

Without implementation of this set of measures is often not possible to realize the objectives of criminal proceedings.First of all, here it is to talk about the crimes of non-obvious and latent nature and the activities carried out by organized criminal groups.Share this illegal activity in the structure of Russian crime is extremely high.

Types of search operations include complex multi-level complex of various investigations.Such as a survey of citizens in order to obtain the necessary information;inquiry, which includes a variety of questions in a database;collection of various specimens for research and comparative analysis;detection, seizure and study of objects and traces of the crime;secret surveillance using hidden technical means operative photo and video.This also may include interception of telephone conversations with proper authorization.

investigative activity has a number of tactical features.For example, the use of all kinds of camouflage techniques legendirovanie operational personnel to implement it in a criminal group.Naturally, the search operations, where such tactics require a realistic assessment and take into account all the relevant circumstances, such as: prevailing social group or layer customs, standards of conduct, rules and habits.All this requires a careful study of the highest professionalism and the introduced employee.It should be noted that legendirovanie is one of the fundamental techniques, which are based on any search operations when it comes to the elimination of organized crime groups.

the possibility of using operational data during the investigation and in judicial decisions laid down in law, and clearly regulated by the Code of Criminal Procedure.Often during certain investigative actions, all the evidence base consists of data and factual material obtained investigative methods.Often the reason for such investigative actions as confrontations, is also operational information.

It is important to remember that the operational-search activities by their very nature are always on the brink of not only the law but also the universal norms and principles of morality.Sometimes this face is so vague and ephemeral that one wrong step, can be enough to be below the law and morality.In this case, a lot depends on how the clarity of the legal framework and the strict compliance with the relevant articles of the Constitution and the Penal Code, and that perhaps even more important from the moral and ethical qualities of operational staff.