Land disputes: why you need an experienced lawyer

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For all time land disputes were the most difficult in the decision.And there is nothing surprising, because the land - the ancient and most valuable object of property.She has always been disagreements and conflicts.Very often, because of the desire to possess a piece of land people had committed crimes.Our ancestors to resolve land issues fought to the death.But modern society has found a humane way - the decision in court.

land disputes are conflicts that involve a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of the owners of plots of land, as well as other participants in land legal relations.

Land disputes are divided into three categories:

- land disputes that are related to challenging and violation of civil rights and the rights of legal entities on the ground.This includes the right of possession, disposition and use of land;

- land and property disputes.They are connected with the violation of land rights, compensation for loss and damage which is caused by a violation;

- property disputes.They arise out of land relations.The dispute about the right to land here, and be subject to review property disputes over the disposition and use of land.

general rule is that any disputes to refuse to grant a piece of land for damages, which are caused by the pollution of the land, the removal of obstacles for the use of a plot of land, and others, should be considered in court.RF Land Code does not provide for resolution of land disputes in pre-trial (administrative) procedure.

So why are qualified?After all, the court will still make a decision on the basis of existing laws.

Judicial land disputes are regulated by a large number of legal acts.There are also many judgments and decisions in these cases.Even lawyers sometimes disputes of this category of cases.Ordinary citizens is very difficult to understand these issues without professional assistance.Therefore, land literacy lawyer is a very big help, but also sometimes necessary.

recommendations, as well as professional advice will help to take the right position at the initial stage.And it's very important, because in some situations the correct starting position will help to avoid annoying errors, which can lead eventually to the collapse of the whole business.

Lawyer in our time is not cheap.This is known to all.And often, citizens are trying to do without the services of lawyers.It pays off in the ordinary toilless situations.But the situation is complicated requires deep legal knowledge in a particular area.

Therefore, if an embarrassing situation in the sphere of land relations, the best solution - an appeal to the professional lawyer.It will help resolve land disputes in court in favor of the client.Finally I want to say that legal advice on land issues our citizens have become the norm.Because we all know - can not do without them.