How to increase the computer's virtual memory

begin with a bearded anecdote.

Son programmer suited to his father and asks: "Dad, why the sun rises in the morning and in the evening sit?".In response, the pope asks, "Are you checking?»
Son: "Check»
Pope: "Works?»
Son: "Works»
Dad: "Well, then do not touch»

If every dayYou, like most modern people, spend some time at the computer, your vocabulary is gradually updated with new words associated with this technology, including the term "hard drive."Let not everyone understands how it works, it is enough to know that this item keeps all the information that you store.The video card - the part that displays the image on the screen (display or monitor).What makes it more powerful / expensive, the newer games you can run on your "car."Well, it's simple and affordable.It is much more difficult to immediately understand what is virtual memory, why it is needed and where.This we now face it.

Virtual memory - a place on the hard drive that your operating system (OS), reserves for its own needs, namel

y for the swap file.With a sufficient amount of RAM the OS reduces the paging file, and peak loads on the contrary.Change the paging file size directly affects the performance of your computer's memory.Its definitely getting bigger.

Quite often you can find tips on how to increase the virtual memory.But why do it at all?Computer - pretty smart machine.The operating system is designed for instant auto-tuning its parameters for completing your equipment.That is why changing the size of the paging file is initially in the automatic mode.But the characteristics of the computer's memory amenable to manual tuning.And change can be so:

  • Open "Control Panel"
  • find the icon "System", click on it
  • In the window that opens, click on the tab "Advanced"
  • We need section "Performance", namely the button"Options", click
  • In the window "Performance Options" select the tab "Advanced" and immediately understand how to increase the virtual memory of the computer.

The maximum amount is 4096 MB.This is more than enough for the most extreme volumes of data to be processed.Characteristics of computer memory - a fairly accurate system closely interconnected processes and interfere with their work better not.Not sure - do not touch!

types of computer memory replenished more sophisticated devices.The process of information processing becomes faster and faster.Many of the "craftsmen" are trying to accelerate your PC and know how to increase the virtual memory of the computer.Want instant execution of the task is not harmful, and the pursuit of such a goal is understandable.For this change the basic settings of the operating system.

But not all users are actively monitoring the latest developments in the computer industry.They buy a regular home computer, which is a year or two already noticeably outdated.It is simply not capable of handling growing by leaps and bounds, the volume of information.In this case, there is no other option, how to increase the virtual memory of the computer.Some users find it easier to make a few mouse movements rather than pay $ 20 for a modern RAM module.Update of technical devices computer brings much longer positive effect.

How to increase the virtual memory of the computer, of course.But users often also reduce it or eliminate altogether.This option is used in an attempt to optimize the operating system and eliminate all "superfluous."Such manipulations are possible only (!) In the case of a large amount of RAM.

Try to do without experiments.Recover the OS - though unchallenging, but rather troublesome business which takes a lot of free time.