The most complex passwords: how to invent and remember?

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Today we will talk to you about what is the most complex passwords.How can they come up with?Can you remember?Or is it better to write on a piece of paper and carried around everywhere?Let's try to deal with you in this difficult matter.

Basics skill

So the first thing is to try the basic techniques used to create difficult passvord that are easy to remember the owner.Now we learn that you maneuver.

most complex passwords usually are created from simple symbols.However, if you make a combination of value to you, then we can hope for easy memorization.For example, foundations were laid some important date or a person's name.The main thing is try not to tell friends about his idea.Otherwise, you can easily crack.

Besides, the most complex in the world password contains a word.Or name.All what you want.Come up with something like that, that you can remember yourself.Nickname your pet, a friend's name or your own nickname - all ascribe to the base.And best of all in front of her.So you can quickly and easily come up with passvord which would be difficult to find out.

also a good practice is to use a combination of mirrored special characters: the tilde, "gibberish", stars, percentages, and so on.The most complex passwords is to enter into these "gates."Thus, if someone is already and will be able to solve your passvord basis, it is unlikely to identify criminals by virtue of a combination of a mirror.

Everyone - his own

Well, now let's try to figure out how we do not get lost in the numerous passwords.It is best to use each site something special.If you - an active internet user, you can not do without a special rule storing and preparation of passwords.

It is that before the combination (or rather, before you write the first "mirror" display) to put a note on what site you use a password.For example, from the "Skype" - sk, "ICQ" - icq, and so on.

can also write data to the end of the main characters in a password.Also quite interesting move.Few would break your head over this.Besides, now attackers are not able to solve so intricate passvord.This means that data will be intact for a long time.Nevertheless, let us continue to consider how to make the most complex passwords.There is another interesting rule that will help you.


One piece of advice: if long-term use of the same passvord modify it a little better.But to do this is so that you do not mess up.The most interesting way - this attribution at the end of the password, the changes.For example, if you decide to edit the personal data in 2014, after the "mirror" the combination is attributed to the figure 14.

Approximately will look the most complex passwords list is compiled on the basis of the foregoing:

- ~ & amp; alexia1995vk & amp; ~14;

- ^ - ^ nikki85sk ^ - ^ 09;

- $ -) astral967rutack (- $ 2015.

Try to come up with something on their own. In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. However, if you still do not get anything worthwhileYou can use one rather interesting way. We are familiar with it.


now popularly huge popular special programs, password generators. They can in one click to give you some very complicated (and sometimes difficult memorable) combination that will protect personal data for a long time.

Unfortunately, even the most complex passwords generated by a program that can be hacked. It is enough to choose the right approach. So the most reliable method of protection is invented independently passvord. A little work out and you will noticethat the proposed rules help.