Encryption Vault (virus): what to do and how to remove it?

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Today we will talk to you on the theme: "Catch" Vault "-virus: what to do?".This topic is very important, especially in today's world, where a variety of computer infection at every step.What it is?Where can I find this stuff?How does it work?All this is now, and will be discussed.

"Who do I have the honor?"

The first thing is to start with the fact that we'll know what kind of stuff this: "Vault" -virus.What to do with it and how to fight, we will talk about later.

As already mentioned, we have to deal with so-called cryptographer data.It penetrates into the operating system and begins to change (encrypt) the expansion of all of your data.Well, if it is only for personal information.And if a computer virus got to the system files, the case at all bad.

If you caught the virus "Vault", what to do - do not know the first thing I need to understand where this "beast" has taken on a computer.The thing is that this thing looks different.Someone is a program for data archiving, and someone he seems special browser extension.Outcome one - you "steal" exit in the World Wide Web, and even your files are encrypted on the sly.Here's a tricky "Vault" -virus.What should I do with it?Now we'll deal with that.


Well, the first stage of the struggle with absolutely any plague on the computer - this is nothing like checking your system files for malware and spyware.This will require a good antivirus.If you think over the question: "Vault" -virus: how to treat? ", It is best to use Dr.Web or Nod32. If they are not to your taste, you can fully take advantage and" Avast ".

Update databaseviruses, and then run a deep scan. This process may take you a long time. However, will have to wait. After completing a look at the results. Among them is bound to be manifested virus cipher "Vault". What to do with the findings? Enoughjust try to cure all the malicious software. What can not be cured - delete it. This is done using a special button in the antivirus. Now, when you scan your computer, you can proceed to the next step.

Freedom from programs

So, it is time forto begin to restore order on the computer. If you think over the question: "Vault" -virus: how to treat? ", then try to deliver the operating system from diverse countries of content and programs that you do not use for a long time, as soon as possible.

The thing is that browser hijackers, and coders are very fond of the computer to register all sorts of useless content that helps encrypt data.Getting rid of these programs simplify the task of treating the operating system.

In order to answer the question: "Vault" -virus: how to remove once and for all? ", Go to" Control Panel ", and then go to the" Add or Remove Programs. "Wait create a list of installed contentand then remove all programs that are unfamiliar to you. At the same time clean the system from the applications that have long been "gathering dust" in a corner. Ready? Then you can close the appeared window and proceed to the following actions that are sure to help you cope with the task.


When users faced with the question: "Vault" -virus: what to do when infected? ", many people forget about such important things as the computer's registry.It is in a "prescribed" computer infection, from which then can be quite difficult to get rid of.

So, let's think how it is possible to clean the registry.It will have to perform a special team (it helps us to get to the required service).Press Win + R, and then execute the command "regedit".Once you click on "Enter", you have to open the computer's registry.You can go on thinking on the topic: "" Vault "-virus: how to delete?".

Well, once we get to the desired service, we have to think about where you want to "climb" in order to cope with the task.On the left you will see many folders with long names.Masterfully bypass them and head to the "edit".There we find the "Search" and type in the line "Vault".Start scan and wait until you are shown the test results.

Everything that finds your computer, it is necessary to remove.Do not be afraid - then you do not "fly off" operating system, and the files will not be damaged.So just click on the lines right mouse button, and then select "Delete."Ready?Then we move on.It remains only a few simple steps that can help solve the problem with our current cryptographer.

Help program

Probably, in the fight against any malicious program can not do without the so-called third-party programs that help find and "neutralize" viruses.For example, an excellent choice would Cclener.This is an application that cleans the registry of the computer (the most effective manual cleaning after the service), and helps to release a place on the system disk C.

you simply download Ccleaner and install it.After starting on the left side just in the required scan settings (which sections of "searching"), and then click on the button "Scan".Just a few seconds - and the results are already in your hands.It is necessary to click on "Clean" and look at the result.

In addition, if you are thinking on the topic: "Vault" -virus: what to do? ", You can use also the so-called SpyHunter. This content, which helps to detect malware and spyware, but also removes the kindinfection. After installing and scanning will be to restart the computer. Eventually, the virus will no longer bother you.

What to do with the files?

But now you should see the question: "What do you do with the encrypted personal data?". OnIn fact, you can select one of several available methods.

first approach very carefully to users. Such as a rule, all the files recorded on the side of the media. They can offer to make the removal of the damaged content, and then replace on the "normal" data.

The second option - is to use the special services of the antivirus programs. They are sent to the encrypted data, and then you come back decoding.Quite enjoyed great success the Dr.Web this delicate matter.That's all.Now you know what to do if you have picked up the virus "Vault".