How to remove a mole at home, without causing harm to the skin

Each person on the body there is a number of moles and birthmarks.Moles - a skin, change their color under the influence of melanin - the pigment responsible for the color.Someone many moles someone very few of them.Most often, a lot of them present on the body of people with fair skin.There is good national sign, said that if a person has a lot of moles, it is waiting for a lot of happiness.

Moles on the face, as a rule, make it flavor, adding charm.But often they do not bring only positive emotions.It often happens that a mole that appeared on the face or any other part of the body open, looks unsightly, disturbing the harmony and spoils the appearance.Is it dangerous to remove moles?The conventional wisdom is that, yes, dangerous.Doctors do not recommend performing this procedure on their own.Handwritten removal of moles threatens inflammation of the skin, can cause blood problems and even cancer.If you are worrying mole looks unhealthy, or rose suddenly appeared, if you touch her present pain, do not even think about how to remove a mole at home.Show this education dermatologist or oncologist, even if you do not plan to get rid of him.Do not take action, implying the removal of moles at home by physical damage to the skin.In any case they can not rip or burn!

If the mole does not cause any concern, then you can try to remove it at home without going to the doctor.You can still use traditional medicine for advice about how to remove a mole at home without damaging it.

best remedy in this case is considered to be garlic.Distributed different recipes to get rid of moles, containing his name.Here are some of them:

  1. Squeeze the garlic with the help of the press.Put the resulting mush garlic on the mole, trying not to fall on the skin.To do this, the skin around it can glue, cover, or just smear Vaseline.Processed place seal the plaster and leave to affect no more than 4 hours.Repeat daily.After 3-4 days of the procedure will be the first visible results.
  2. Another way for those who are interested in how to remove a mole at home - is the use of garlic juice.To perform the procedures necessary to put garlic juice, strained through cheesecloth on a cotton pad, and attach to the need of the treatment site.The tool should be held for about 5 minutes.Should repeat the procedure every day to get the result.
  3. Another, no less effective, means - a mixture of garlic juice and vinegar or lemon juice and garlic in a ratio of 1: 1.The resulting lotion wipe mole several times a day.
  4. permissible use of vinegar in the amount of no more than 1 drop.Do not forget to protect your skin surrounding the mole - the processing of each of these tools to help in solving the problem of how to remove a mole at home, could face burn.The use of vinegar is permissible for a week, followed by a break in 4-5 days, and then the procedure can be repeated.

In ancient times in Russia often use the following method to get rid of unwanted moles: in the field with the stem pulled grain spike, the birthmark stabbed an acute, and then buried in the ground up ear stem.It was believed that the mole will disappear as soon as the spike rot.