The icon "Soothe My Sorrows": value

Saratov is located in the center of the Orthodox Church "Soothe my sorrow."The name of the sanctuary is named after the image of the Mother of God.By the way, the icon "Soothe My Sorrows" is considered to be an object of cultural heritage in Russia.This article will detail the history of Saratov disclosed temple, its architectural features, as well as what happened to him in recent years changes.

"Soothe my sorrow" (icon): the value

first saw the image of Our Lady in Moscow back in 1640.For years, this holy image is stored in the church of St. Nicholas.Here, for a long time there has been a record of miracles, who committed through the power, which has an icon "Soothe my sorrow" (photo image represented in the article).Unfortunately, occurred in 1771, the fire did not leave descendants of such an interesting heritage.However, to have survived several legends.Among them is one the most well-known.This legend tells of a seriously ill woman of noble birth.For her, the temple very long sought the miraculous icon.But I find the failed.Then it was decided to bring out of the temple all the images from the Mother of God, and have even been collected images stored in the church belfry.Among the Orthodox images caught the attention of only one icon - "Soothe My Sorrows."As the story goes, a sick woman, unable to even lift a finger, seeing her, was able to cross.Prayer icon "Soothe my sorrow" lifted her to her feet.The woman stood completely healthy.It is worth noting that after this incident, and began reading this image.

The icon depicts the Mother of God.His right hand she holds the Christ.In infants in their hands a scroll on a gross basis.The left hand of the Mother is depicted leaning against the head, bowed a little to one side.

Temple.The history

Saratov architect P. Zybin in 1903 developed the project with the Bishops of the Church yard.This construction was approved and received the blessing of the Bishop of Tsaritsyn and Saratov, the martyr Hermogenes.By the way, in 1906 the construction of the temple had been completed.In this sacred place was created a throne - in honor of the Mother of God - called "in sorrow and pechaleh Consolation."As the story goes, this image Bishop Hermogenes ordered on Mount Athos.Tellingly, after the tradition of icon "Soothe My Sorrows" has been completely copied from the miraculous Athos prototype.

fate of the temple in the communist system

During the period of the Soviet Union in the building of the temple was located Saratov planetarium.It should be noted that in these years, the structure itself hardly undergone any changes.As a result, today the church visitors can admire its original splendor.However, in 1960, it was carried out the dismantling of the cross, and for some time the temple was without them.But in 1965 the city authorities asked Bishop Pimen with the proposal to restore the temple at the expense of the diocese.This request is very puzzled statesmen, because at that time was "not accepted" to carry out reconstruction work in the former cultural institutions.As a result, the proposal was rejected by the priest.But amid the beginning of change in the country of the executive committee itself to find the necessary funds and conducted external restoration works, ennobling façade Planetarium.After the first secretary of the regional party committee, taking on the responsibility, ordered to raise and re-establish once dismantled crosses.Later, after all of this work, the church building was included in the list of attractions.He began to visit tourists.

Internal changes

At the end of XX century the church was handed over to the diocese.As a result, after the return of the sacred buildings of the Orthodox Church, it was decided to organize a side chapel annex.In addition, immediately after the completion of the necessary work was lit altar.In the name of St. Seraphim of Sarov and St. Sergius of Radonezh, the throne was laid corporal.As the story goes, at the time he was rescued from the seminary of the temple, destroyed by atheists.Thanks to the efforts of the first rector, Archpriest Novokreshchenykh Lazarus, was built the bell tower, restored all the interior room and purchased the icon.In 1993, the Archbishop of Saratov and Volsky (later Archbishop Pimen) highlighted the throne of the Church of the Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Temple in the XXI century

In 2004, in the cathedral of "Soothe My Sorrows" was organized by the Bishops' farmstead.At that time it was referred to at the theater located town square chapel.In addition, this year was marked by the beginning of large-scale restoration works in the church.Primarily engaged in decoration of the altar, and set a new iconostasis.Since the church were images, including the icon "Soothe My Sorrows", made in the ancient style, it was replaced and the interior of the church.In 2005, changes of this kind have touched the altar of St. Sergius church.To note, there were even conducted reconstruction work.Namely, due to the demolition of outbuildings able to increase the area of ​​the chapel.In addition, it was created by the vaulted ceiling, and acquired the baptismal font.It should be noted that the selected "vessel" in charge of the Charter of the Church.The roof of the church building has been completely replaced and purchased copper "color."Temple "Soothe My Sorrows" has at its disposal the best in the diocese of the parish library.Catalog of "Book World" has more than 8000 titles of orthodox works.In addition, the territory is organized Sunday school.There is also a society "Orthodox world," and even the youth association.Rector each week after the Sunday evening service conducts interviews with parishioners.

Architectural features

stone building of the Church, made in the form of three kokoshniks and has two porches, it is an excellent harmony with the general structures Bishop's Manor.In addition, Saratov temple is fully integrated into the city's skyline.During the construction of the creators of the church gives it a special flavor in the form of a large tent.This element is surrounded by lots of brightly colored small domes.