Sample autobiography.

has long been believed that the autobiography is needed only the aristocracy.They thought about their lives need to know a lot.Today, every man must know how to write an autobiography, a specimen of which will be discussed in this article.Basically, it is necessary to provide general information about your person, for example, in school or at work.


Autobiography - document drawn up in any form and is required to provide basic information about life and work.The main difference from the usual forms: the data are described in more detail, which makes it possible to learn all the most important and necessary.Sample standard autobiography, one simply makes it completes its data and information that is considered important.She then signed and kept on file, together with other documents.

Important aspects

Autobiography is a free description of a person's life, and any regulations and specific forms do not exist.Write it must be on a normal A4 paper, where there is no count, no questions or anything else.Correct autobiography, a specimen of which will be discussed below, is made subject to certain rules.Write it must be the hand of a pen with blue ink.Any corrections and blots are not allowed.Through autobiography, one can clearly and concisely set out the necessary information.

Terms and sample autobiography

All information must be set out in chronological order:

  1. begins with a description of each event should be from two dates that mark the beginning and end of a certain period in life.Between them should be hyphenated.For example: "1987-1993 - worked at the store" Chic "in the Administrator's office."
  2. To specify a certain period, you must use prepositions.For example, "From 1998 to 2002 she studied at the secondary school № 1 Moscow."Autobiography student must necessarily contain such a clause.
  3. If the date is indicated after the description of events, it should be written in brackets.For example, "I entered the Moscow State University (1988).After the end of the Judiciary (1994), was an intern at "Sberbank of Russia". "

main points

In his autobiography, to be set out the main blocks of information that include information such as:

  1. Full name, date and place of birth.This information can be indicated in several ways.For example, like the works: "I, Valery Nikitin, who was born January 10, 1970 in St. Petersburg."Or, as in the questionnaire: "Nikitin Valery.Date of Birth: January 10, 1970.Place of Birth: City of St. Petersburg. "
  2. Parent information: name, date of birth and occupation.For example: "Father - Nikitin Sergey Fedorovich, born in 1940, a design engineer.Mother - Nikitin Akhmatova, born in 1945, a therapist. "
  3. Then should describe education.It should specify the institutions in which the training periods and the results obtained.For example, it might look like this: "High School number 1 in St. Petersburg ended in 1982".If the period of study were achieved significant heights, for example, a person graduated from high school with a gold medal and won some international competition, it is also possible to specify.Sample autobiography with these notes will be discussed below.
  4. Next you need to specify the following levels of education: secondary or higher.If it is not completed, the autobiography will certainly need to specify the reason, but only if it does not touch your underachievement.Some of the students during the training run in parallel.In this case, it is sure to indicate in his autobiography.It is also worth mentioning that if the university had graduated with honors and with any other awards.
  5. Autobiography or military men who served in the army, must necessarily contain information about the place of life, the period of its passage, and titles.
  6. This is the point the final major part of.It is necessary to provide information about all places of work: company name, title, period.For example: "In January 1983 he joined the bank," Finance and Credit "on the cashier."If a person has worked in several enterprises, you need to specify all.If at the time of his autobiography, he did not work, it is recommended to provide information on whether he is officially recognized as unemployed and stood there at the labor exchange.

Other information

addition to the main points autobiography sample may contain the following information:

  • presence of children;
  • marital status;
  • period of maternity leave;
  • part in any important events;
  • the business and other activities.

Ends autobiography home address, contact phone number and the date of writing.Also, be sure to put a signature.Any other signature or seal on the autobiography should not stand.If, after filing a job there have been some changes, this is reflected in a separate annex.


for employment in many organizations require of autobiography.By the way, some plants have simplified forms with questions.Learn about their presence is necessary in the personnel department.

important to remember that this is not an essay on 5 sheets.Autobiography should not exceed the size of one page.So do not write too much.Autobiography should not look like narcissism.It is a document that allows you to see the main information.It is noted that employers do not spend more than 3 seconds prochityvanie such documents.Remember that autobiography should meet the requirements and objectives for which it was drawn up, so specify only what is included in the basic requirements.


Many are interested, write an autobiography.The sample shown below, will do it quickly and easily.

I Petrova Svetlana A., born March 22, 1985 in Moscow.


Father - Safonov Anatoly Stepanovich, born in 1957 - a private entrepreneur.

Mother - Anna B. Safonov, born in 1960 - the administrator of a beauty salon.

From 1991 to 2003 she studied at the secondary school number 17 in Moscow.After school, he received the certificate with honors and a gold medal.

In 2003 she entered the Moscow Humanitarian University.MV Lomonosov Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism, after which in 2008 I was awarded the qualification of specialist in "Television and radio control" and was awarded a diploma with honors.During training practice in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

From 2009 to 2011 worked in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", resigned at the end of the contract.

Since 2011 worked as a senior reporter on Channel One.

married.The husband - Sergei Petrov, born in 1954, a private entrepreneur.There

son - Maxim S. Petrov, 2010 birth.

Home address:

119027, Moscow, st.Pump 2, Apt.96.

May 5, 2012

Personal signature

Conclusion As you can see, nothing complicated in the writing of his autobiography is not the most important - simply to set out their lives, its main stages and achievements.It is important to do not lie and do not embellish, as all the information that is contained in his autobiography, can be easily verified by official documents, such as certificates, diplomas, employment records, and so on. N. If you still can not decide what to write,it is recommended to make a few options and then in the company in the personnel department to ask what kind of fit.